I bought a lovely figure even with achromatic colors of the one festival official mascot "Messe kun"

From the summer of 2009 I have been active as a one-festival official mascot"Messe-kun"Because figures were sold at the venue,Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter]I bought it as a souvenir for the souvenir. Although it is a small size that can be used as a strap, it is finished in an achromatic garage kit flavor, and shaping that feels soft softness without color is brilliant.

Details are as below. Messe-kun's package. The price is 500 yen.

The back side looks like this. You can use it as a strap together with a logo plate.

The contents are three logo plates, Messe kun, strap

Front of Messe Kun


right side

Left side

Oblique 45 degrees

Logo Plate

There is a magnet on the back side and it is designed to be affixed to the metal surface.

When using it as a strap, remove the logo part and attach it like this

Both logo plate and Messe-kun can be installed at the same time for the strap

Both stuck together

Hanging up and like this

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