It looks like this from the side when figuring out the characteristic face outline of "Kaiji" and making it perfectly reproduced "Three Itoki" figure

"I doubt if I still say it ... ... War is going to be!So, why did I get stuck, what kind of demand I caught, why I did three-dimensionalize such things in the first place, I can not understand it at all,Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter]so"FigmaFrom the series "Adversity unrequited kaiji"of"Ito KaijiIt has been revealed that it will be released.

I saw it because I'm worried about how to make it three-dimensional.

The details of Kaiji are from the following.

What kind of matchmaker's face ......

Looking from the side it looks like this

Further approach

There is a comment saying "It is difficult to reproduce the characteristic face and the outline of the nose" than anything more than the information to be released in August 2011, price undecided ...... It is tasty, is not it.

The characters appearing in other kaiji in this condition may be made into a figure one after another, but in which case, which one is given priority?

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