A standby image creation site for mobile phones "Imepita" to end service

It became clear that the service "Ime Pita" which stands for Fuji Film's mobile phone for mobile phones that converts every image to be viewed on various models of mobile phones will terminate the service.

In the past, there were images that can not be displayed depending on the model, because there were more restrictive restrictions on the size of files that can be attached to mail, such services were becoming popular, but as soon as it ends, I feel change.

Details are as below.
Create image stand-up image for Imepita · Keitai

According to the official website of Imepita, the following sentences are posted as "Notice of the end of Imepita service".

An announcement of service termination. The use acceptance of the service ended on March 31, and the converted image will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Also, it seems that the photo blog site for mobile phones "Imepita +" will continue to be managed.

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