A long-established blog part "BlogPet (blog pet)" terminates service

BlogPet (blog pet), a blog part that learns words from blog posting contents and gives mischievous comments, announced that it will close the provision of service on December 15, 2010.

Many people may feel a sense of loneliness just because it was a long-established presence in blog parts. After the end, the blog parts will not be displayed properly, so it is necessary for people currently installed to get rid of loneliness and delete parts.

Details about service termination are as follows.Blog pet: Notice of service termination

On the end guidance page, it is described in the Q & A format after the service is over. All information registered to blog pets will be deleted after the service is over and that URLs that were registered in blog readers and bookmarks will also be included. Since blog parts will not be displayed properly, we are guided to delete them after the service is over.

Although the service itself ends, comments and articles posted by the pet reflected on the blog so far are posted unchanged even after the service is finished, so register various URLs etc. in "blog pet" People who do it seems better to take a backup of them first.

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