Sony added "Satin · Silver" to the new PS3 in limited quantity, a new BD remote control also appeared

PS3 before thinning was done in 2009 was basically three colors "clear black" "ceramic white" "satin silver" was developed, but the new PS3 slimmer "Charcoal Black "Ceramic · White" which appeared a little late was developed in two colors.

And today it was finally announced that "Satin · Silver" will be added in limited quantity to the new PS 3 as well. In addition, a new BD remote control for PS3 has appeared.

Details are as below.
"PlayStation 3" (CECH-2500 series) New color satin silver

According to the press release of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., the company is said to release the satin / silver model PS 3 (CECH - 2500 series) in limited quantity from March 10, 2011.

The suggested retail price is 20,980 yen for the 160 GB model and 30,980 yen for the 320 GB model. In addition, a vertical stand of the same color is also released in limited quantity, with a suggested retail price of 2000 yen.

This is the satin · silver model PS 3

It is placed vertically.

The new PS3 has a strong image of matte shades, is it a shiny shade

"BD Remote Controller" for PlayStation R3 Added a convenient function and will be released from Thursday, March 31, 2011

On March 31, all the functions of the conventional BD remote controller can be covered, the TV including Sony's products including the other company's products can be operated, the amp can be operated by Sony, and furthermore BD and DVD, "torne" A new type remote control equipped with "FLASH" button will be released with comfortable operation. The suggested retail price is 3600 yen.

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