About movies and music files "Movies Icons" & "Audio icons" for those who want to change the color of the icon for each extension and to make it easier to understand

"There is no other way to distinguish between movies and icons like MP4, AVI, or FLV, but it can not be helped, but there is something nice icon, is not it?" Because there was a person crying next to me, so I used it personally I tried to summarize the icons that can be easily distinguished by a nice feel.

As a basic condition, I'm targeting people who "have small icons because they use only the explorer's detailed display, so they have a habit of distinguishing file types from the color of icons rather than distinguishing by extension".

Details of the icon set are as follows.
First of all, various movie files use this.

Movies Icons by ~ pablocoo on deviantART

It looks like this when actually looking at the detailed display. It is easy to see if it is color coded.

This is easy to understand for music files.

Audio icons by ~ pablocoo on deviantART

In addition, it is easy to change the actual icon using the software in the related article below.

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