Creepy even if you know it's a toy, cockroach toy going forward with Bulbul

There are things that people are not good at, but as some people do not like, people who like it. However, when taking a questionnaire by the world there is no doubt that "weak" or "dislike" overwhelms "likes" ... it is a cockroach.

It seems that people in areas in areas where you do not see cockroach often do not have a bad consciousness, but despair when you find a black shadow in the corner of the room is probably not a feeling shared by many people Cow.

Bubble and a toy advancing toy that imitated such a cockroach appeared. There is also a movie, so you can check eeriness firmly.

Even if you know that it is a toy somehow the details of the cockroach toy is from below.Insect Robot "HEX BUG"It is much more cockroachish than cockroach, so please be careful if you are not good at it.
Bromble with solar cells Cockroach toy forward Donya Direct DN-STOY-BUG [★] Shanghai wholesale store - head office

This is a cockroach toy 'DN - STOY - BUG'. It is not realized so far, but people who are not good only with this figure look disgusting.


And here is how I actually moved this toy. At first it is stopped because it does not hit light.

YouTube - DN STOYBUG operation image

When I hit the light ......

I started trembling with Bubble.

Not only does my leg move with rustling but it's just trembling and trembling, but it is okay to occasionally shoot black with the reflection of light.

The price seems to be 399 yen (tax included · shipping fee). As you can see from the above movie, it seems that strong light is necessary, not normal lighting alone. If you start to move with a flashlight in a dark room, that is unpleasant with the eerie rise.

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