Sales price of liquid crystal television which was scaled up by ecological point halving, the year went further and it declined further

In response to the eco points declining by half in December 2010, as a result of demand for liquid crystal televisions rushing in November, eventuallyThe actual price of the television body has soared to an amount exceeding the eco point half afterAlthough it is remembrance to the memory, as soon as it enters December, the main price begins to fall at a stretch as there is a settlement of demand,The result that "December could be bought cheaply"It was also very impressive.

And after 2 weeks have passed since the beginning of the year, I checked the current sales price of the TV.

Details are as below.
◆ From January 2011 ecology point target models are drastically reduced. Target person also limited
Comparing the number of points given before and after the revision of the eco point, you can see that the result is approximately halved as shown below.

And from January 2011, not only will eco points be granted only to products of "Unified energy-saving label ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ or above", but also "users who recycled at replacement" , Users who intend to purchase TV without recycling existing TVs will not be given eco points as a rule in principle.

◆ January 16, 2011 22:40 What is the price of the current TV?
As of November 5, 2010"The LED REGZA 42Z1 (42 inch Toshiba, currently No. 1)" which had been the top three in sales, and "LED AQUOS LC-32SC1 (made by 32 inch Sharp, currently No. 5)", "REGZA 32 A 1 Toshiba's current 4th place) "in the past three months.

· "LED REGZA 42Z1"
Price change historyIt is like this. Although it recorded 133500 yen which is the highest value on November 24, 2010, since the beginning of December, the price drop has continued, such as falling below 110,000 yen, and now it is sold at 100,000 yen . Since the same model is "Unified energy-saving label ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ or more", 11,000 eco points will be awarded to users who will replace and recycle the TV.

Price change historyAccording to the report, although it recorded the highest value of 64,000 yen on November 26, it interrupted 50,000 yen in early January and now it is 49,986 yen. By the way, this is also "unified energy-saving label ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ or above", so 6000 eco points will be awarded to users who will replace and recycle the TV.

· "REGZA 32A1"
Price change historyIt is the same model that had been rising to 57,392 yen on December 1, but unlike the other 2 models, it recorded a record 42,139 yen, which is the bottom price in the middle of December. After that, it ramped up and down repeatedly over time, now it is sold for 44,500 yen. In addition, this is a model not subject to eco points from January 2011.

◆ New model launch and settlement period, liquid crystal television whose price move is expected at the end of eco points
As long as the schedule is as usual, manufacturers are liquid crystal televisions that are expected to release new models after February, but as it is common for prices to drop down from the old model if new models come out, It seems to be necessary to watch.

Also, in March, manufacturers and mass merchandisers will have their fiscal year ends, so the possibility that LCD TVs will fall overall as a result of inventory cleanup disposition can be fully considered, but in March the Eco Point system itself ends It is also a month to go, so it does not matter whether it will be as big as November or not, but again the price may rise to a certain extent with the rushing demand.

It is a difficult part to estimate how to move in the future, but I want to try shopping that does not regret so much, looking at price movements.

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