You may have heard, there are 10 phrases when women lie

According to one study, men are more likely to lie than women. However, you can see that an average man tells more than 1000 lies per year, while a woman tells lies 728 times, which is quite a matter of saying that it is less.

Therefore, this time we will list 10 ten lies commonly attended by women derived from the results of public recruitment and research. For men who remember listening to such phrases from familiar women, it might be better to take a moment to them.

Ten lies that women often get from the following.10 Lies women tell men

1: "Nothing, OK."

byKristof Borkowski

According to the survey, this is the most popular lie a woman has attached. On a bad day, there are also men who listen to this phrase a couple of times before breakfast.

Of course, there is no such thing as "there is nothing" according to the word, so the man who heard this shows a reaction like faced with zombies from the fear of "doing something bad" I will.

2: "This was not that high,"

Of course this is not a word meaning, it means "It was truly so high, in fact." Women often love shopping and often want to buy things.

But this lie is not so malignant. At least she seems to have been lying after having suffered. If a relationship between you and that woman (mainly wife) is bad, no matter what you buy, you will not be told and will be told.

3: "I am on my way now."

by~ Joe "lle

If she calls me a message saying "I am on my way now," she is sure that she will be kept waiting soon. It is desperate to choose clothes, it is not even that it may not be that it is turning the closet upside down.

Whatever the cause, it is doubtful whether she is heading to the meeting place for the time being.

4: "It was the best we've ever had"

After spending a hot overnight in bed, if you were told to her she could think of 2 patterns of interpretation. First, she thinks so dearly, and it is a case that honestly conveyed feelings.

But the more likely thing is that you are satisfying men's self-esteem and trying to make the relationship between the two who are going on live or reluctantly cheat.

Of course, if it was the second pattern it is not a good sign. From the side of a woman, there is no need to lie to attract men's interests. If you listen to such a phrase, you'd better look back on your own actions.

5: "My cell phone is broken ......"

Besides, if classic phrases such as "The battery of the cell phone is running out of now" and "This month's mobile phone fee" are repeated, the situation is heading for the wrong direction.

Perhaps she is bored with what you are with. Perhaps she may be cheating on another man. Cheating may be overwhelming, but be careful if there are too many excuses. Whatever its reason, it is true that she does not want to talk to you.

6: "You are not bad, I am bad."

It is a dialogue that women often cry out a different story, but of course the real intention is that "I am not bad, you are all bad."

7: "I have not touched it at all!"

When asking a woman, "Do you not know ● ●?" While doing something, it may be said with a slightly angry tone of saying "I have not touched it at all!" Then I return my eyes to the magazines I have been reading and refuse to match eyes with my eyes.

If that happens, it means that she has seen something. The problem is that if the search is a slightly etched book like a gift from former Cano or a playboy, there is always the possibility that it has been disposed of.

8: "My head hurts."

byMr. Wright

Before the 1990's, 'headache hurts' is a kind of situation comedy, in short, a phrase meaning "I can not feel like that tonight", the leading actress will be at least 2 per drama broadcast I had to say this phrase times.

In the 21st century, a self-respecting woman will not use such a stale phrase. Instead, it may be said that "it is suffering from STD (sexually transmitted disease)" "There is a posttraumatic stress disorder ...", or "I do not want to sleep with you" absolutely. The last thing is obviously a lie ... I want to think.

9: "I always wanted it."

For example, during the event such as Christmas or birthday, carefully consider her personality, interests and preferences, you have to choose the best present.

However, it would be better to think that the likelihood that she will like it is low. Whether this word is not a lie and whether she was really pleased with the gift can be known by looking at her subsequent reactions and reactions at the time of her birthday.

10: "I will not like someone else!"

It should be accepted that women 's side may also favor other men so that men use their eyes to other women. What I should not misunderstand is that even if my wife or she does not care about anyone, it will not be fun for those with other men. In other words, sometimes I'm watching handsome and thinking that coolness is preferable.

Otherwise, she will obviously be lying, but at least when such a phrase pops out, that lie is going in a good direction. In this case, rather than getting into trouble with poor hands, you should skip one of the joke and make an adult correspondence.

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