"Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" shipped more than 4 million shipments, "Pokemon beyond" also viewed

It has been selling at the fastest pace ever since Capcom's foundingPopular series latest work "Monster Hunter Portable 3rdIt has become clear that the number of shipments exceeded 4 million books in 1 month of release.

In addition to rewriting the fastest record in the history of PSP, it is also an amazing situation, such as starting to look beyond the sales of "Pocket Monster Black / White" that was released last September.

Details are as below.
Capcom Co., Ltd. | Capcom's "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" Released 4 Months in Japan in 1 Month! ~ Aim for sales No. 1 title of domestic market in fiscal 2010 ~

According to the press release of Capcom, the number of domestic shipments of PSP software "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" released on December 1, 2010 reached 4 million, it seems that the total of the series has exceeded 17 million.

"Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G", the previous work, took two years to break through 4 million books, but "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" reached in just one month, not only will it rewrite the fastest record in the history of PSP, We are also looking into the No. 1 domestic market selling.

Also, as a main background of the strong sales, in addition to making sure to appeal to series users by hot topics such as additional download content, we succeeded in acquiring new users by increasing awareness through continuous promotion by TV commercials etc. It is cited as what I did.

By the way, in order to become No.1 in the domestic market in fiscal 2010,Also sold 4 million copies in 1 month release "Pokemon Black and White"Although it is necessary to exceed it, how much can you capture Capcom?

The work is still out of stock on the major mail-order site "Amazon.co.jp", and it is currently under way at 12:00 on January 5th.

Amazon.co.jp: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: Game

The fact that it continues to sell well this way is that it may be said that the "Monster Hunter" series has become an existence not to be an overstatement even in the domestic market, even if it is said to be the two biggest gamers of handheld game machines that are in line with the "Pocket Monster" series Hmm.

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