Apple's market capitalization reached 300 billion dollars (about 25 trillion yen), to the top Exxon Mobil will have another $ 30 billion

IPadYaIPhone 4Apple with a feeling of bleeding in the world. Not only the gadget but also the popularity of the company itself is tremendous, the market capitalization exceeded 200 billion dollars in March 2010 before the iPad launch, becoming the fourth largest company in the country, but in January 2011 the market price It turned out that the total amount reached 300 billion dollars (about 24 trillion 600 yen).

Only Exxon Mobil of oil company is above the Apple, the difference is another 30 billion dollars (about 2.5 trillion yen).

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Apple Surpasses $ 300 Billion in Market Capitalization - Mac Rumors

Market capitalization is not simply said to be "low because it is low" because it multiplies the stock price of the listed company by the number of shares issued, but expectation of the market is reflected, so future growth is expected It can be said that the market capitalization of a company becomes high.

In 2010, Apple surpassed the market capitalization of 200 billion dollars (about 16.4 trillion yen), became the fourth largest enterprise in the nation, and further expanded the number to surpass Wal-Mart, a major retailer on March 30, 2010 It is the third place,In May it ranked second behind Microsoft's market capitalizationIt was. The growth rate of Apple is fairly phenomenal, and in 2010 it is likely to send the iPad and iPhone 4 to the market, and expectation that it will be doing something after 2011 may be great.

By the way, the market capitalization is ranked first in Exxon Mobil, a leading oil company, whose market capitalization is about 330 billion dollars (about 27 trillion yen). The difference is $ 30 billion more. If Apple's market capitalization grows at the same pace as in 2010, in June 2011 we will skip Exxon Mobil. Even if the pace slows down, it seems to be good to think that Apple will become the top market capitalization ranking at the end of 2011.

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