"Small fox" with too much dynamism, "Yatsubato Daifu!" Which is too high completion, "Mage 3" which is more real than the original picture

Held on 7th February 2010Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter], This 20th termWonder ShowcaseIs OZ [MAD ROAR] 'Small fox' (residents of the Ikkyo by design of illustrator "Ichi"), b [3 × 3 × 3] Work "Yotsuba Muhuu! "(Yotsuba!), Kazuyoshi [Utsunekotei] Work "Mage 3" (game software for Nintendo DS "Seventh Dragon"). Everything is just elected, it is outrageous quality.

Details are as below.
Wonder Showcase

The 20th term "Wonder Showcase"

Resident of Ikkoku by design of small fox from Illustrator "ichi"

It is a set of non scale (total height 190 mm) resin cast kit + small fox illustration postcard (picture / ichi)

This is Small Fox illustration postcard (picture / ichi)

One festival venue special price 6800 yen (tax included), general retail price after one festival is 8800 yen (tax included)

It seems rough and fine

It is extremely wonderful that there is power in any angle

The author profile is also amazing.

Woman ● Born February 23, 198X. In elementary school days I like animation, hobbies drawing illustration of mecha and character. After graduating from high school I go to a vocational school of medical system, but when I was in my 2nd year I formed a visual rock band (in charge of Vo.) And dropped out because I was too enthusiastic about the band. When I started looking for a part time job to earn my living expenses while placing my goal to eat with music, I happened to be interested in knowing the existence of Bandai's master grade series (Gundam Model), and from that trip I was part time job at a model shop I will start. In parallel with part-time jobs, we began to manufacture gundams and garage kits, the skill of model making improved quickly, and revenues as a model finisher, which started hobbies, exceeded the part-time job price To abandon the way of the band with the model finisher for various reasons such as she fell ill. After that, I turned to a stance of "participate in one festival while working as an office worker" and started participating as a dealer under 'STAND ALONE' from '07 [summer]. '10 year [winter] from "MAD ROAR" in the name of activity.

Yotsuba tough! From "Yotsubato! "

Non scale (total height 180 mm) Resin cast kit

One festival venue special price 9800 yen (tax included), general retail price after one festions is 12,000 yen (including tax).

The reason why the price is high is because it produces in Japan to emphasize quality.

The profile of this author is also a masterpiece.

Nobu ● born September 20, 1970. I made a maniac clay work such as "make dinosaur bones first with oil clay and then cover it" from the first and second grade elementary school, I am addicted to Hasegawa 1/72 zero battle in the third grader, 4 In the middle of the grade it is directly affected by the Gundam boom, when it is a junior high school student, it is greatly influenced by Kaiyodo's garage kit ("Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" etc.) and "Model Graphics" magazine case, so-called "elite modeling geeks" walk. When I was in the 3rd grade of high school I was leaning to rock (B. in charge in the band) and motorcycle and leave model hobby, but I reignited from around 21 years old when I started living alone. Knowing the existence of scarpie around '93 will be one turning point, and we will find pleasure in the style of "announcing figure made with Scarpie on the Internet and getting opinions from those who saw it". And decided to participate as a dealer for one festival as the main purpose of "exchange with buyers" as its extension line, announced a new figure constantly almost every time in the name of "3 × 3 × 3" from '05 year [summer] almost every time I start to get started.

Mage 3 from Game software for Nintendo DS "Seventh Dragon"

Non scale (height 145 mm) Resin cast kit

One festival venue price is 5800 yen (tax included)

Furthermore, it seems that general sale can not be done due to intention of the copyright origin.

The author 's profile has the following feeling, meaning to people of similar circumstances, contents to give a dream.

Kazuyoshi ● Born July 30, 1984. I started reading "Hobby Japan" from the time of junior high school students, high school, college (Miyagi) era is enthusiastic about making a gundam. After college became funny and dropped out in 2 years, I decided to go to Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Figures artist department by looking at Hobby Japan advertisement and spend 2 years of studying to study as a prototype. Prior to going to the school, figures were not interested in anything, but as I became more aware of the existence of figures through classes, I became aware that I could live as a professional prototype teacher. In 2007 'winter' while I was in the same school, I joined classmate as a first dealer to one festival under the name of "Utsunekotei". However, the female fighter of "Makai Senki Disgaea" brought in about 10 items ends only selling a few pieces. Even after that, the condition of "selling about 10 to 7 ~ 8 pieces" was continued, but the mage 3 exhibited in '09 year [summer] was "sold out in 5 minutes after opening the store , I suddenly experienced a break that I did not understand at all what happened. Currently "I am studying with the aim of becoming a prototype master".

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