I tried comparing the fun of winter and the oden of a convenience store Everyone tried comparing FamilyMart

The cold became severe in earnest, and the time when the breath exhaled at morning commute came. When it comes to this, I will miss the warm Oden. Although oden is also sold at convenience stores, I have not noticed much attention here. So I will try to eat Oden of major convenience stores in turn this year.

First of allOden of FamilyMartFrom. In FamilyMart, ingredients and soup are changed for each region so as to become a familiar taste in each region, and in the Kansai · Hokuriku district where GIGAZINE editorial department is located, there are two kinds of "Kombu" and "Hidaka kombu" The soy sauce is soaked in the umami taste of kelp and it is a mellow taste. I would like to try and taste FamilyMart's Oden again.

So, the actual appearance and taste of FamilyMart's Oden is as follows.Tsuyakuken Oden | I made it, Famima Kitchen | Product Information | FamilyMart

Family mart who bought oden this time.

This is an oden case of FamilyMart.

At this time oden was sold in a total of 13 types of oden.

In the lid the letters of "I stick to natural dish".

I did not enter the cup.

Let's look at ingredients one by one. First of all, radish.

There is plenty of soup stained and crisp chrysanthemum passes through.

The texture is soft and hokke. Although it is light, the taste of konbu dish is appearing well.

This is Shumai vol. It seems that it is surimi wrapped with thickened seasoned Shumai.

Some of the ingredients of Shumai are contained. When I try to eat it, Shumai tastes, but it is not so intense, it seems to be suppressed to the extent that it does not impair the taste of surimi and dashi.

Here as well.

Ginkgo came out from inside.

In addition to the carrot and the texture of the shiitake mushroom, the ginkgo enters as much as a whole grain, so it is appreciated to be able to enjoy the fragrance firmly.

Burdock roll.

The fragrance of burdock has been well developed, and it is a ingredient that makes it a bit different in the ingredients of oden which tends to be uniform.

Potato with bream with seaweed (roasted).

Compared to the Chikuwa which is sold in supermarkets etc, it is becoming thicker by one time, and the crown is pretty.

This is a rolled egg.

A layer of eggs thinly baked overlap, and a ingredient that is pleasant in texture like a yuba. It is unexpected feeling that the flavor of the egg is intensified.

Drawstring purse with a familiar rice cake.

There are plenty of rice cakes inside. Dashi is soaked in enough, mochi is also soft and easy to eat.

Seasoned seasoned eggs.

The taste is soaked quite deeply, you can taste to the yolks well. There are many people who can not be removed as ingredients of oden.

Extreme pictures. It has an unusual shape like a pudding.

It contains plenty of air, and the unique light texture that I made as a prepurinet seems to be a habit.

This is roll cabbage.

Some ingredients such as meat and carrot. You can enjoy a different flavor from the other ingredients by matching well with the cabbage that the plums stain and the western style feeling.

Cow streaks. The diaphragm (membrane) considered to be the most delicious is carefully selected and used.

This whitish part is very soft and feels like melting as soon as you put it in your mouth.

The dark part is a taste with a unique rich meat. Because it is boiled well, I hardly felt the hardness of meat and streaks.

Sausage with arabica.

While leaving a crisp texture firmly, unexpectedly the octopus taste is soaked deeply, a mysterious taste. Because oden's ingredients are mainly of fish paste, it may be nice to put a piece of meat when you want the taste of meat.

This is thickening.

As expected, when you eat 13 kinds, it gets pretty stomach full, but this feeling is very smooth and easy to eat.

When I try to taste the oden again, I find that each ingredient is firmly devised. Does it really make a difference for each chain? Next time is Oden of LAWSON.

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