Lawson releases the 2011 version of Oden and adds tomato sauce to Oden which can also be enjoyed in summer

Lawson began releasing the 2011 version of oden, but this year, "Western-style oden boneless tomato sauce" (free) to make Oden's sauce flavored with tomato sauce has added, so that we can enjoy unusual oden It is. I tried to eat what Lawson's western style oden was like.

Start of 2011 "Oden" | News Release | Company Information | Lawson

This time, besides "Roll cabbage" (120 yen including tax), the menu "Potov style roll cabbage" (110 yen including tax) newly added at the same time as tomato sauce, "Tsukune Skewer with pig beef hormone" (120 yen including tax ) I bought it together.

Roll cabbage before adding tomato sauce.

Similarly potato style roll cabbage.

Tsukune skewer with pig horton.

Oden of oden before introducing tomato sauce.

This is the source of tomatoes.

Tomatoes, onions, chicken bouillon, white wine and so on.

Input source.

The color changed dramatically just by putting a single bag.

Because I had a lot of tsuyu, just putting a single bag did not feel the flavor of tomato so much, so I added further.

We put a total of 4 bags. The fragrance of tomato drifts slightly.

I will put the item back.

Roll cabbage stained in tomato color.

Pork with contents carrot and carrot. When I try to eat it, the fragrance and sourness of tomato match with Oden's soup without incongruity. To be honest, before I ate it, I thought "Oden is a little ... in summer," but it was a refreshing sour and refreshing food that was suitable for hot days.

Potov style roll cabbage.

Carrots and potatoes enter and the meat is sausage, so it has a fairly western aroma and it fits well with tomato sauce.

Tsukune skewer with pig horton.

Because there is a hormone, there is a crunchy crispy grain, an interesting texture. I can hardly feel the clams of meat etc, this is also easy to eat, it is a ingredient that is compatible with tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce contains chicken bouillon and other base dash, so if you add it to soup it will be fun to drink as soup. Oden in Osaka seems to be unusual in the summer, but it is very refreshing taste, so it seems good to try it when the meal does not proceed.

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