Misudo's "winning donuts" tasting review that took on the auspices of passed the examination review

Mister Donut 's new product "Angel Teddy Pan", which looks cute and hard to eatNew product that was released at the same time "Winning donutI've also eaten all kinds.

It has become a pentagon donut through the passing, the package has a design of omoro style and flavors all expressing words of acceptance in punjab. It is exactly a donut for a gooebag that is suitable for the students to bear the auspices, but is that taste really motivated by the students?

The impression of the donut 's sample tasting and the result of the bonus "Odakyu Omikuji" are as follows.Winning Donut | New Item | Mister Donut

Since I was just making it at the store, I brought the freshly made seats.

The package has been designed as a stamina, and Pon de Lion is drawn in a position like a guardian god that passed. It looks like an embroidery illustration, etc. It is a bit stiff.

When putting out of the package and putting on the plate, the other side which was hidden in the box can also be seen and the impression changes.

First of all, it is from "ROYAN flavor" that I put on a "good feeling". Only this flavor is not covered with chocolate, and the whole - rounded sugar with flavor is top.

When I opened a sandbook, the whip of Yellow came out.

It is rare to have citrus flavors in Mr. Donuts so it seems to be a bit rich, but the refreshing flavor of the cake is fairly good. I can eat it all the time. Because it tastes like a combination of marmalade and cream, it is compatible well with fluffy yeast fabric and it is just right taste when a little hungry becomes empty.

Subsequently, cafe au lait flavor as "winning! It is a bit of an ordered form of pun, but if you win it might be a civil service.

I cut it in half halfway. The top half is caramel almond chocolate.

The cafe au lait cream is a bit of sweetness, not bad, but I feel that punching is weak compared to canning, or that individuality is lacking. The chocolate part also has a cafe au lait flavor, so I personally wanted somewhere accent.

"Sakura Sakuku" with pink strawberry chocolate is covered with "cherry blossom" meaning a pass, with whipped cherry whipped flavor in it.

Powdered sugar is sprinkled on the opposite side from where the railroad is hanging.

There are fine grains of cherry blossoms in the cream when you look closely. The cherry flavor is a taste not seen so much in the donut, but it was quite impressive that this was pretty high as a Japanese style donut, mellow in the mouthfeel of the cream and fluffy like sakurachi fluffily. I feel that this is acceptable regardless of age and sex.

When I finished eating all the way, I suddenly saw the package, I found "Odakyu Omikuji" on the side. By turning over here, you can try your luck ahead of the exam.

After turning over the Omikuji part one after another, everything was KOKOSHI. It was my first salvation that the Pon de Lion was dearly adorned, but it was quite a severe result.

As all three kinds of donuts were light eating responses, it was perfect for a small snack of students. Japanese style flavor like Sakura was also pretty, so it seems like it will be interesting if Japanese flavors such as "plum" and "gourd" will be improved in the future.

Cherry blossom flavor and Koyan flavor are the taste of the new axis which has not been seen so far in the misdo so far, so if you would like to enjoy a variety of flavors, it may be good to try once you do not want to take the exam.

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