Top ten people who made money on YouTube, such as users who earn about 26 million yen annually on YouTube alone

We focused on the period from July 2009 to July 2010, not as a somewhat talented office or corporate branding, but as a completely independent individualYouTube - Partner ProgramThis is the top ten list of users who earn more than $ 100,000 in annual income.

For the first-ranked person, we earn approximately 26 million yen in annual income only by advertisement income from YouTube, showing an overwhelming presence.

Top 10 list below.
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First of all, from the method of how we calculated earnings.

· When playing on YouTube's page, judgment is based on the revenue of banner advertisements displayed nearby. Banners displayed as overlays on top of movies and advertisements inserted before playback are excluded from the count targets.

· The YouTube banner is displayed about 2 seconds behind the page display, and 2.59% of the played users are closing the page before the advertisement is displayed.

· Advertisements are limited to those displayed close to the movie being played

· For banner advertisementCPMIs $ 1.50

· The revenue allocation between YouTube and partners is 50:50

That's why we calculated and earned the amount of earnings. Because it calculates quite rigidly, in reality it is more likely that profit is higher than this number.

◆ 1st place: Shane Dawson ($ 315,000 = about 2611 million yen)

The number of views is 413,778,7450 times per year. We have opened three channels on YouTube, the first is a parody of comedy / satire / music video. Secondly, as a video blog, I also serve as a corner called "Let's see Shane!" The third is to post a movie from his iPhone.

◆ 2nd: The Annoying Orange ($ 288,000 = about 23.87 million yen)

The number of views is 344.575 million 3047 times per year. Dane Boedigheimer is responsible for all the series composition and Orange 's voice, as fruits and fruits are coming out in the kitchen.

◆ 3rd: Philip DeFranco ($ 181,000 = about 15 million yen)

The number of views is 248.73 million 5032 in one year. Every week from Monday to Friday, a video blog that deals extensively from politics to pop culture.

◆ 4th place: Ryan Higa: ($ 151,000 = about 125.1 million yen)

The number of views is 269,790,990 times per year. "How to become a gangster"How to become a Ninja"It gets renowned at a stroke in one movie and even if you do not upload such a lot of movies compared to those who are making on other YouTube, it is receiving strong support. The main genres are comedy and satire.

◆ 5th: Fred ($ 146,000 = about 12.1 million yen)

The number of views is 265,1 6150 in one year. Lucas Cruikshank used his mother's video camera to "A lonely 6-year-old boy named Fred"Uploaded the movie to YouTube, the world's leading entertainment company" Sponge Bob "and" Dora with great adventure "etc.Nickelodeon"We will appear in many movies of.

◆ 6th: Shay Carl (140 thousand dollar = about 1.61 million yen)

The number of views is 192.32947 times in one year. As a radio DJ, we shoot short comedy / satire movies one after another on YouTube. Before making a living with DJ and YouTube, he seems to have been occupying 20 occupations indeed.

◆ 7th: Mediocre Films ($ 116,000 = about 9.6 million yen)

The number of views is 159,703,070 times per year. "Mediocre Films" founded by Mr. Greg Benson is "Skip TV."We created a sketch-like continuous comedy program called" Season "and then continued to make comedy movies with a low budget for the web.

◆ 8th: Smosh ($ 113,000 = about 9.37 million yen)

The number of views is 154.93 6876 times in one year. It is a comedy duo by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla which is the fifth most popular channel on YouTube and has more than 1.7 million fans. The movie that became the first fireworks was posted in the spring of 2006Smosh Pokemon Theme Music VideoAlthough it is a thing called the original movie from YouTube for copyright reasons, although it is not disciplined "Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE!"Has been released.

◆ 9th: The Young Turks ($ 112,000 = about 9.29 million yen)

The number of views is 153,870,362 in one year. This "The Young Turks (Youth Turkish Party)"Sirius · satellite · studioIt is a political talk show aired from the first quarter of 2002, founded by Mr. Cenk Uygur, and he is in charge of the moderator. Apart from YouTube, we have also partnered with AOL · · After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania he went to a business school, graduated from Columbia University's law school, worked as a lawyer, then became a television writer and moderator, and has reached it. Based on this YouTube program, it became a writer of various well-known blogs, and will also appear on each television broadcast such as CNN · MSNBC · ABC · Al Jazeera · FOX.

◆ 10th: Natalie Tran ($ 1,000 thousand = about 8.37 million yen)

The number of views is 138.871829 times in one year. It is a woman who has collected the largest number of subscribers in Australia, is a video blogger, and also uploads comedy / satire movies.

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