SanDisk will release the 32GB model microSDHC card that realized high reliability, even if it is run over by 5 ton truck

While Android smartphones are released from each company, attention is gaining attention on a large capacity microSDHC card, SanDisk, a major flash memory company, today announced the 32GB model as the latest model.

It is a high durability model with waterproofness, earthquake resistance, magnetic resistance, etc. It is said that it will not break even if it is run over by 5 ton trucks, so at least the data is rescued at least when data of the smartphone main body is submerged Given the possibility of being able to do it, will not it be a sufficient choice?

Details are as below.
According to San Press' s press release, it seems that today, the company released the 32GB microSDHC card which will become the largest capacity memory card for mobile phones. The model released this time supports "speed class 4", the market assumed price is around 15,000 yen and the warranty period is 5 years.

Smartphones need considerable storage capacity for downloading applications, music, high-quality photos and other user data, but by providing 32 GB of data storage capacity, you can bring out the full potential of smartphones It will be.

This is a newly released microSDHC card.

In addition, all lineups of SanDisk's SDHC card, etc. have been tested under various harsh conditions in order to protect valuable memory from everyday problems and the newly released microSDHC card also has the following high It seems to have reliability.

Waterproof: It has durability up to 72 hours with seawater or freshwater of 1 m in depth.
Temperature tolerance: It is durable to operate at temperatures between -25 and 85 degrees.
Impact and vibration resistance: It has durability against impact of up to 500 Gs.
Impact resistance: Even if it falls from a maximum of 5 m, it will not break even if it is hit by a 5 t truck.
X-ray · magnetic tolerance: It is not affected by the X-ray inspection of the airport or magnetic damage.

It seems that many people store important data such as address books, important e-mails, memorial photos, etc. on mobile phones, but it may be good to purchase insurance for emergency not.

The official page of SanDisk is from the following.

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