A free application "Hamster Power" that hamsters keep on generating electricity all the time on Android smartphone

An entertainment application "hamster electric power" that hamsters keep turning on the car all the time on a smartphone and keep on running and generating electricity. Although it is a story on the application to the last, even if it is said to generate electricity, hamsters keep running running even if not doing anything, and maybe heal a little even by just looking at the figure.

Various episodes may occur depending on the amount of power generation, and pay may be obtained according to the amount of power generation. Also,OpenFeintIt is adapted to correspond to, can cancel various achievements and enjoy it.

Details and videos that actually move the application are as follows.
Hamster power

The movie is here.

YouTube - Android free application "Hamster Power"

The lamp of the icon gently blushes and the number of electricity generation fluctuates, but this is evidence that the hamster works hard and generates electricity.

Looking at the situation, you can see a hamster running desperately.

Touch "Feed" to feed.

Feeding will result in a power boost condition, doubling the power generation for 15 minutes.

The icon glow is strong while boosting. Hamster, I'm doing my best.

This is a "generating room". We will calculate the amount of electricity generated per day and send it.

Then, various episodes occur depending on the amount of power generation.

Once you see the episode is recorded as a badge of power generation results.

You can get a salary according to the amount of electricity generated.

It is possible to purchase hamster's bait at Kore.

Since ver.1.1.0, OpenFeint is compatible, and online ranking and achievement functions can be used.

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