I have taken a huge duck "Rubber Duck" floating in the city of Osaka from every direction

A huge duck "Rubber Duck" that was floating in Osaka last yearI came back to Osaka this year, so I flew to the site in spite of the rain, I shot a picture of that.

Rubber Duck floating on the Dojima River was lit up to such an extent that it was overworked at night, while watching the buildings that towering up in the Umeda city area and the surrounding buildings, it was sprinkling extraordinary air and exquisite cheeks around us .

The pictures taken around all around Ahira are shown below. It is around Nakanoshima Banks facility to be the venue, around here when seen on the map.

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As I walked along the sidewalk along the river, Ahiru-chan, the official name "Rubber Duck" appeared in front of my eyes.

I will get closer and closer.

In October 2009CCO creative center Osaka (former Nomura Shipbuilding site)It is my second encounter since I met him.

The overwhelming presence that the high-rise building behind makes it completely hazy.

Despite the rain, there was a lot of people going for Rubber Duck without getting ruined, there were people for family and photography purpose, among them the couple rate of umbrellas was high.

This duck-chan's father is F. Hoffmann, a Dutch artist. "This rubber duck knows that it is not present in this world, such as the border divided by political meaning, and the healing characteristic that relieves the tension of the world which this duck has is friendly to every generation, friendly It seems to be the concept that it will be accepted. "

Big illumination that is taking place in Nakanoshima areaOSAKA Hikari 's RenaissanceIn accordance with "Ohiru-chan will come back to Osaka. "Aqueduct Osaka Water and Light Relaxing Space Project Rubber Duck @ Nakanoshima BanksThis is the name of the event.

However, such back circumstances become better if you have duck before. It seems to have expressed the grand concept of the past just by its presence.

Hanging eyes and plump beaks are cute.

This is just a huge duck, but it is floating firmly on the water surface.

This time from the left side.

Compared with the surrounding people, I can feel the enormity of duck more.

YouTube - I tried rubbing on rubber duck

I stare at me.

YouTube - Raindrops Rain Dog

Ohiru staring at the building.

It seems like it is attacking humans if it comes from another angle. Even if the people who were in the venue become a bunch, it is probably a sight that makes us think that it may be helpless before the duck.

As I was able to shoot almost from the front, cross the Dojima Bridge and observe the ducks from the opposite shore.

The atmosphere that the invaders look alright.

Compared with the building, truth is that duck is small, but still giving a mysterious accent to the landscape, whether it is a strange presence.

I gradually approached the buttocks of the duck.

By the way the other side of the river is such a narrow sidewalk. It is not a catwalk, but the cat was walking along the way.

When seeing from the front, I could not see it with the light, but I could clearly see the line that entered the body of the duck by turning behind.

As I walked along the shore a little bit, I could see the profile of the duck again.

Ohiru-chan looking at the illumination of the Rihga Royal Hotel.

Around a bit further to the left, you will see the Osaka International Exhibition Center just behind.

The lighting just arrives at the beak, it looks like a charge just before you emanate the beam.

One piece with the Dojima Ohashi crossed over from the top of the Tamie bridge.

The night was deepening, but many people were gathering around the ducks.

While watching while walking, we bid farewell to duck which hides little by little in the shadow of the sidewalk and arrived home.

The exhibition period is until December 25 and the night light up is done from 17 o'clock to 22 o'clock so people who live in the neighborhood may try going out for a walk.

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