TV animation of 'BELLUUBUB' in series of Weekly Shonen Jump, TV aired from January 9

From January 9 (Sunday) at 7 am on the nationwide TV nationwide network, "Bellus Bab" in the Weekly Shonen Jump series is animated and broadcasted.

The strongest man without fight and Tatsumi Oga picks up and raises the baby in the river, but that child was a demon baby who draws blood of the demon king ... ... It is a development full of jealous seems like a jump serial work I will.

Contents including scene cuts are as follows.Animation "Beuru Bab" Yomiuri Television

The nationwide best fight Yamkee rate called 120% In super faulty school · Ishigayama high school, the strongest man without fight · Tatsumi Oga picked up in Kawahara one day was sent from Makai to destroy mankind , Devil's baby who draws blood of the demon king · Kaiser de Emperana · Beelzebab IV (Belle Boy). While having a heinous strength, one story-oriented ogre and Belle Boo who carries the future demon world carry on growing like a real parent and child, a man-packed ekemen story ... .

Scene cut of the scene where Bell Boy and Oga met. As far as this cut is concerned, Belle Boy seems to run around in a state of nakedness as it is as the original.

Information on staff and cast is as follows.

◆ Staff

Original: "Beppu Bab" Ryuhei Tamura (Shueisha "Weekly Shonen Jump" series)
Director: Norihiro Takamoto
Series composition: Masahiro Yokoya
Character design: Takeshi Yoshioka
Art director: Higashi Junichi
Director of Photography: Tatsuho Matsumoto
Color design: Kai Keiko
Edit: Takeshi Seyama
Acoustic director: Tsuyoshi Takahashi
Production: Beelzebub Production Committee

◆ Cast

Tatsumi Oga: Katsuyuki Konishi
Kaiser de Emperana Vezebab IV (Belle Boy): Miyuki Sawashiro
Hildegarda (Hilda): Shizuka Ito
Furuichi Takayuki: Mizushima Universe
Aoi Kunie: Toyosaki Aki
Shintaro Natsume: Daisuke Kishio
Tojo Hideo Toru: Seki Tomokazu
Kanzaki I: Tomokazu Sugita
Tatsuya Himekawa: Haruka Ogino
Batim de Emna Alain Delon (Alain Delon): Takagi Wataru
Daimao: Hiroki Takahashi

© Ryuhei Tamura / Shueisha · Beelzebub Production Committee 2011

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