At the final stage of the completion of the real book, I finally shot the final stage at which Danippon Printing's bookbinding office "Ranal to the future" completes one after another

Vol.1Where cover covers and strips are printed as a viper,2nd bulletAs for how the design etc. was done as a part, and this article is the third bullet, "BindingThis is the part. This time specially at the binding place of Dai Nippon Printing "Law of the futureI interviewed where I actually finished. Even stakeholders of publishers and book editing departments should have seen quite a few bookstores in the final stage, even if they have gone to the cover printing office because of color school and cover page.

So, how about the final stage of bookbinding movies etc. from the following.
It was DNP Book Factory where I was interviewed this time.

This book is pile of this mountain.

Amazing amount

Cover cover and band (= cosmetic door) are also dressing.

We are going to install them all automatically automatically.

The whole flow is like this.

YouTube - "Lawless to the Future" DNP binding place editing Part 1 ~ Overall ~

First we open the cover and back cover part of the book to attach the cover cover ... ... it's too fast to know what is going on.

Looking at the movie will look like this.

YouTube - "Lawless to the Future" DNP bookbinding edition Part 2 - High speed ~

In slow motion, the part that should also be called Kimo of this line. You can see that it is beautifully flipping the cover part only.

It is simple as a mechanism, like sucker sucking out air and sweeping it.

I will open more books, but I do not know exactly what I am doing ....

This is too fast and what is what ... ....

It looks like this in slow motion.

In this way you not only open the book at high speed and attach the cover cover, but also automatically insert bookmarks and sales vouchers.

YouTube - "Violence to the future" DNP bookbinding edition Part 3 - Various insertion ~

Bookmarks and the like are not inserted manually, this way automatic high speed insertion

It is automatically inserted from the top on the opened page.

This flow allows you to process 4,800 volumes per hour. By the way, if you handle the same things manually, you can see that for a single person there are about 80 volumes per hour, so it is considerably faster by mechanization. About 60 people are needed to get the same speed manually.

YouTube - "Violence to the future" DNP bookbinding edition Four to five volumes each ~

In this way, cover cover and band (= cosmetic door) are put in, we sandwich sales vouchers and bookmarks, and are stacked alternately by five books and flow in one set by ten books one by one.

The line on the left is the line to which the cover cover etc is attached, this is passed to the right and wrapped.

Next is the part to wrap to take to the agent. When you roll this rolled paper in the middle, you wrap around 10 bundles and fix it.

I will get 20 books at a time.

Petapon on top of the wrapping paper and a stuff like Hanko (hand-painted like printed gogo or gulli print) are pushed.

Like this

The flow of this line is like this.

YouTube - "Lawless to the Future" DNP Binding Station Edition 5 to 10 volumes × 2 ~

We will stack this in units of one block by 80 books at a time.

We will continue to accumulate steadily

A big catch is completed

It is huge, it looks heavy.

I will carry this with a forklift truck

Good point.

This catastrophe is 1600 in one. I will make this kind of don don.

This line itself has already been used for about 25 or 26 years ago, basically it is the same as a printer of a personal computer, books which are too small or too big are to use this automatic processing line I can not do it, even now I am covered by human power. Also, the material of the cover cover is slightly different, or even if the size of the book itself is not problematic, but it is too thick. It seems that it will disappear as soon as it manually handles it. When it became a book of a large size art book or a special format type, the price jumped up and the reasons why the deadline date is greatly ahead of schedule can be understood somewhat.

The books thus completed are sequentially loaded on the truck, brought to the point of departure, then delivered to each bookstore, Amazon, etc., and arrive at the readers' hands.

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