I have been observing the Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters ~ exactly technology crystal, super high speed color newspaper press edition ~

GIGAZINE's 10th anniversary commemorative book "Law of the future」Is interviewing the Asahi Shimbun Tokyo headquarters because it is issued from the Asahi Shimbun publication, it is no exaggeration to say that the newspaper is the most important facility at last, it is a super high speed color newspaper I have also shot presses.

This is a huge thing that exists at the headquarters basement, and furthermore rolls up and prints this huge roll lined up in the deepest part. By the way, the paper that is visible in the picture above, it is about the size that it will run out in just 2 days.

So, how big is huge, how big is it, and movies that can realize that terrible high speed playback from the following.
So I came to the basement from the roof this time.

There are lots of helmets that somehow entered the season somehow. When Shiina Ringo came, it seems that she took a picture here.

This is the press of the Asahi Newspaper. It has been renewed five years ago.

The paper is rolled up from this further underground floor, and it passes through from the bottom to the top and is printed.

It is being counted at a tremendous speed, but this is not yet a serious speed, and when you do a morning newspaper, all lines are fully operational, and this is even three times faster.

YouTube - Asahi Newspaper Super High Speed ​​Color Newspaper Rotary Press Part 1: While counting

When I look at this press, it looks like a three-storey building.

The paper feels like being printed while being rolled up from bottom to top.

Somehow, just a huge. The depth is also amazing.

Things like the stereoscopic version of such a belt conveyor are circling around the rotary press all the time, and it looks like a roller coaster looking.

YouTube - Asahi Newspaper Ultra High Speed ​​Color Newspaper Press Part 2: Ultra High Speed ​​Conveyor

It seems to be stopped because it is shooting with the shutter speed raised, but it is actually a tremendous speed.

It runs round from the bottom to the top and further from the top to the bottom.

By this time around the round it is properly becoming a bunch of usual newspapers.

I am controlling from here

This is not reading the newspaper and resting, but checking the print quality. Somehow, before thisDai Nippon PrintingAnd,Cover cover printingIt is good to say that the quality of print around this really is not extraordinary.

Furthermore, monitor also monitors the printing status visually

Going up "to the second floor of the rotary press. It is often said that you can see the first side of freshly printed fonts coming out from TV dramas and movies. "A big member lawmaker, arrested in corruption!" Or "I finally acknowledge the existence of UFO by NASA!"

Because it is too fast to see it, I tried raising the shutter speed, but I do not understand it after all. It is surprising that this can speed up to 3 times more. Here is the crease in the middle of the newspaper.

YouTube - Asahi Shimbun Ultra High Speed ​​Color Newspaper Press Part 3: A film or something else

This is the previous stage, one in the process of printing. I do not know exactly what I am doing because the drum rotation speed is too fast.

YouTube - Asahi Newspaper Ultra High Speed ​​Color Newspaper Press Part 4: Drum High Speed ​​Rotation

And to the top floor, the 3 rd floor part of the rotary press. The paper printed from the bottom and rolled up will overlap here.

It is speed enough to think that it will be cut with a vacuum blade as it is approaching.

Even if I can understand what is going on for what, what level is it that makes me stupid unexpectedly opening my mouth?

YouTube - Asahi Newspaper Super High Speed ​​Color Newspaper Press 5th: Top row

Well done.


It seems that as you go to the other side, it will overlap, but the speed is too fast to see it ....

It is better to say "flowing" rather than printing

The speed of the conveyor is not extraordinary, and it is like a roller coaster.

Course that goes around the further outside of the uppermost floor press

YouTube - Asahi Newspaper Ultra High Speed ​​Color Newspaper Rotating Machine Part 6: Roller Coaster State

I rushed up and rushed from the 3rd floor part to the 1st floor part, and was extremely comfortable.

In the past, considering that only newspaper companies that own this kind of equipment were originators of information, we can clearly understand the meaning and value of "the ability to transmit information even by individuals" by the advent of the Internet.

So here is a floor below the rotary press.

From here, the roll paper is rolled up to the upper rotary press.

This is the actual printing status. Such an image that giant toilet paper is being wound upwards at high speed.

YouTube - Asahi Newspaper Super High Speed ​​Color Newspaper Press Part 7: Underground Roll Paper

I thought that this huge roll paper, the replacement work should be troublesome and I heard it, "I used to push the garment by hand and replaced it, but now the robot will process it automatically That thing. This is the robot. Price above even luxury car with 1 unit.

The robot moves as you move along the floor on which the roll paper is placed, the lever fixing the roll paper moves, it is a feeling that it carries it to the rotary press with the belt conveyor on the robot.

It looks like bullet rather than paper.

A lot of roll paper.

It's only two days worth. Because it is managed automatically by robot, there is only one person on this floor. It is the ultimate in labor saving.

Discover inks used for printing

Indigo ink

Black ink

It will be used in somewhat like this

That's why next is a huge photography studio. stay tuned.

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