I tried drinking "Tomato Cider" which could be drunk even for people who are not good at tomato juice with lycopene

"Shizuoka Ichigo cider"Ya"Shizuoka Precious Tea Coke (Shizuoka Cola)"We have released a variety of cider such asKimura drinkFrom the cider "Tomato Cider" was on sale so I bought it as well.

Strawberry cider and tea cola in Shizuoka"Local cider"It was a product that strongly extruded that, but tomato cider seems to be a little different. According to the manufacturer's product introduction, it seems to be a cider developed based on the concept of "vegetable as a cider"And the first ciderAlthough it is said that, how is the taste better?

So, the actual appearance and taste of "Tomato Cider" is as follows.Kimura Drink Co., Ltd. Product Information: Tomato Cider

This is "Tomato Cider".

The label of tomato cider. I do not see anything about Shizuoka.

Is it the Kimura drink logo mark? Ichigo cider did not have this mark.

"I am irresistible to like tomatoes! Lycopene entered 10 mg".LycopeneAnd it is a red pigment contained in tomato. It is said that it has a strong antioxidant effect and it is said to be effective for the prevention of lifestyle diseases, etc. The standard of intake per day is about 5 mg to 10 mg.

However, tomato juice does not seem to be used as raw material.

In raw material notation is "tomato pigment", other tomato ingredients are not included. Lycopene is a pigment component of tomato, so it seems to be included in "tomato pigment".

For this reason, nutritional ingredients do not contain vitamins.

It is a cider with a tomato flavor to the last.

The previousIchigo ciderBecause it contained more intense carbonic acid than expected, I opened it while I was tense that the carbonate would be strong, but the reaction is only a pushing sound. The fragrance of tomato drifts slightly.

Pouring it into the glass, bubbles of carbonic acid occurred. Imagining the taste of intense tomatoes, drinking slowly, the first thing I felt was sweetness that betrays the expectations. It looks like a tomato juice, but rather sweeter than a normal cider. And the fragrance of tomatoes. It was a very marvelous combination, and as I was drinking I gradually felt that it might be "tasty." The balance of taste is not bad, and it may be possible to drink even people who are not good at tomato juice. Carbonic acid was not so strong.

Because it was rather drinkable taste, it is regrettable that tomato nutrition ingredients are not included except for lycopene. Since it seems that it is sold also in Shizuoka's parking area etc, if you have the opportunity to go to Shizuoka, it may be fun to compare with "Shizuoka Ichigo Cider" drinking.

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