"Name ranking 2010" is released, too unique name such as "eel (Karma)" "ideal (Rion)" "blue sky (Harua)"

Meiji Yasuda Life implements "name ranking" that reveals the most frequent ones in ranking form with the name given to the child born in that year, but the latest version "Name Ranking 2010"Has been released.

In the past, although the name of a woman was many like "Shoko" "Ryoko" "Shima-ko", "Child" appeared many but the name to which "child" appeared from the best 10 in 1986 was disappeared, In addition to rarely entering the top three this year, there are also names that can not be read by merely looking at the letter "Odori (Diai)" "Ten" (Ten).

Details are as below.
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According to the "name ranking 2010" published by Meiji Yasuda Life, the top of the boy 's name is "Daiko" for four consecutive years, the top of the girl' s name is "Hana" which displayed the top 5 times in the past It seems that "Sakura" has become the top for the first time in 6 years.

Top 10 is like this. Boys often use letters such as "Sho" of "Flight" and "Ding" of "Daigo (Sasso)". In addition, "Riko" ranked second, and the girl who entered the best 3 for "child" for the first time in 27 years actually uses characters of bright images such as "beauty", "cherry blossoms (Sakura)" " To the results. Is it reflecting the society with few bright topics?

Popular Kanji best 25 for boys' names. "Tai" that I had hardly seen in the top ten ranked first.

It seems that there were many names using the letters "tiger", affecting that this year was a tiger year. As for reading "Kotaro" "Kojirou" "Trannuke" "Tiga" etc. are conspicuous.

The most popular Kanji for the girl's name 25. Characters such as "beauty" "love" "flower" line up.

Although the thoughts and wishes of parents are included, it is difficult to read without reading, and "unique name" which seems to be annoying staff at patient hospital calls and educational sites is like this. "Karma" is a "Buddhist term"WorkAlthough there seems to be many people reminiscent of, I am worried for what reason I named it.

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