[Preliminary announcement] From 0 o'clock on December 7th to the cover of GIGAZINE 10th anniversary book and the same design for 24 hours only

Tomorrow will be December 7 (Tuesday), GIGAZINE 10th anniversary commemorative book "Law of the future"(Asahi Shimbun Publishing) line up at the bookstore store front, but the cover of this book is aligned with the site design of this GIGAZINE. So, the whole site will be like the cover page of the 10th anniversary commemorative book for only 24 hours from 0 o'clock on December 7th. As it were, it is a feeling of site jacking with the cover design of books.

The above image is exactly its design, and there were various twists and turns until coming here.

That's why I actually watched how the cover page of the book was printed from the following.
This is what I came here, Art Print Co., Ltd.

In the printing factory

Inside this printing factory with printing machine

Attention to people in print presentation

We are printing various publishers, and magazines and books that I have seen around are placed in the state before binding.

So, it's basically organized.

Finally, a cover for printing a cover (= cover) appears. That's why we actually witness the front cover printing of GIGAZINE books.

It is insanely continued all the way back. This whole machine is a printing press. An image that it will be sent every time one color is printed from the back to the front.

Place where you are checking whether the part you are illuminated with fluorescent light matches the color designation

In the case of another state-of-the-art printing machine, it looks like this

14,000 color prints possible in one hour

According to the factory manager 's story, this printer is the latest model in Japan only.

The belt (= cosmetic door) had already finished printing when it came.

This is a cosmetic door just after printing

I brought a little as a sample to the waiting room.

After another hour, I finally began printing the cover, so I went to the place where there was a printing machine again. A sample has already appeared.

In this time, to use "gold" as a feature other than the usual CMYK 4 colors, we also use the special color ink at the right end of this photo.

It is a special color ink for GIGAZINE book that is placed on the printing machine. In order to reproduce the specified color, check the subtle hues and confirm.

During work that adjusts by gradually printing whether each print color is exactly the same as the specified sample. I am adjusting the concentration with the button at hand.

Loupe appearance

In this way, we will check the details as properly printed as possible and will increase the degree of reproduction as much as possible. It does not end with specifying the data, it prints while checking whether color specification is reproduced properly until now.

We are final checking with 3 persons, Dainippon Printing, Asahi Shimbun Publishing, and Operator. If it is OK then print starts.

A sample immediately after actual printing is

Normally you bring things printed on the trial to the waiting room like this and check it out and give instructions like "The color here is slightly darker".

State of waiting room. In the next room the magazine editorial department was not ah and it was a color check on the front cover.

As you can see the cover cover of this time, on the monitorRGBThe one expressed in three colors ofCMYKIt is dare to say, "I can not do that", and since I was using the feature to the end of the phrase, I had more time and effort than usual. I was working hard to reproduce the color of each part on the front cover as closely as possible, and I was stuck with the feeling that "the color of each part is different so much in detail ...".

In addition, the part which removed the cover cover with the feeling that it is common in comic books is also a bit contrived, and the point that it is not simply that the one with the cover made monochrome version is not under the cover. As the theory of the cover design of the book, it is a premise that the first person wants to buy it, or picks paper according to the atmosphere of the book, but this time it is the 10th anniversary commemorative book, "GIGAZINE reader" In addition, design on which it was designed with the memorial project planning to change GIGAZINE to this same design to 24 hours from 0 o'clock on December 7, on the day of release on the same day with design in mind It is getting.

In the article to be published on December 7, "Law of the future"The printed cover cover etc. of the book will be posted on Dai Nippon Printing's working part on how to attach it to the book. It is a part of the publisher who has never seen it before, so it is quite valuable. stay tuned.

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GIGAZINE 10th anniversary commemorative book "Law to the future", released from today

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