When a man watches a woman, half of the immediate 10 seconds I spend looking at my lips

In the part of the face of the woman, the fact that men pay most attention is that they are lips, not eyes, noseUniversity of ManchesterIt became clear by research of.

When a man sees a woman who is meeting for the first time, it seems that more than half of the first 10 seconds will be spent on the lips. Men time to pay attention to the woman's lips is that of a depends on the color of lipstick, in addition to lipstick of any color is revealed also what attract the gaze of the longest man, it was chosen by the survey The 10 most attractive celebrities whose lips are attractive are also being announced.

Details are as below.Men are drawn to a woman's lips more than any other facial feature | Mail Online

In a study by Dr. Geoff Beattie of University of Manchester et al., 50 male subjects traced the movements of the eyes as they watched the female pictures, so that men spent an average of seven seconds out of the first 10 seconds to look at the lips , It seems that the time to see the eyes was only 0.95 seconds and the time to see the hair was 0.85 seconds.

However, this is the case of a woman who painted lipstick, and in the photographs of a woman who does not have make-up, the time spent on the lip is as short as 2.2 seconds on average, and the time to see eyes and nose is long (2.97 seconds in the eyes - It was 2.77 seconds).

In addition, thick lips attracted more men 's line of sight than thin lips, but thin lips were able to extend the time to receive gaze by applying lipstick more than 40%. In the color of lipstick, it seems that the pink lips got 6.7 seconds and the red lips got male gaze for an average of 7.3 seconds.

"Over the centuries women have tried to emphasize charm by painting their lips red.The custom can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian era where red lipstick and cheeks were widespread," Geoff Dr. Beattie. "This experimental result shows that lips are one of the most sensual elements of women's appearance and are the key to sexual appeal.Also regardless of the original lip color or shape, By wearing it, women can secure a certain charm. "

Also, in the research, we conducted a questionnaire survey on which female celebrities' lips are attractive, and the best 10 of them has been announced. It is a result that reflects popularity in the UK, but it is certainly convincing if you look at the lips.

First place:Angelina Jolie

Second place:Scarlett · Johansson

3rd place:Sheryl Cole(Girls Aloud)

4th:Jessica Alba

5th place:Beyonce

6th place:Halle Berry

7th place:Megan · Fox


8th place:Eva Mendes


9th place:Kimberly Walsh(Girls Aloud)


10th:Nicole Scherzinger(Pussycat Dolls)


Some saying "Hide white is hidden", but as a lips that painted lipstick attracts a line of sight of men and seems to have an effect of distracting eyes from other parts, the woman remembers "Lipstick is seven hidden" It may be good to take it.

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