I asked KDDI about OS update abort of "IS01"

The other dayKDDI revealed the OS update cutoff of "IS 01" on official TwitterAlthough it seems that it was an event that had a great impact on the user, I asked about whether the mobile phone company decides whether to update the OS or not in the first place.

Details are as below.
The contents and responses inquired to KDDI Public Relations Department are as follows.

Whether or not to update the OS is decided by the mobile phone company, not by the manufacturer.

KDDI Public Relations Department:
Both KDDI and the manufacturer will repeatedly verify and judge. However, since the distributor will be KDDI, we will respond with KDDI including notifying the customer. It is the same idea as conventional mobile update etc.

On the official Twitter about aborting the OS update"I will try to explain again with chitin"Although it is said, will you make a notice separately by HP etc?

KDDI Public Relations Department:
Yes, that's it.

In other words, this OS update censoring was not judgment of KDDI, but it was judgment of the result considering the hardware design value, operability, performance, etc. after repeated verification with Sharp.

That is, it is almost the same spec, and at the present momentAbout OS update "NTN DoCoMo's" LYNX (SH-10B) "which is" undecided "Even if you could update to Android 2.1 or later, it may be a bit difficult to get satisfactory performance ....

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