Virgin group chairman who lost the bet of F1 team rank as a punishment game to one day cabin crew

Drivers' champion entangled tangle until the final roundF1 World Championship 2010. In the Constructors (Manufacturer) division, Red Bull and McLaren were fighting top, but Red Bull decided to win a champion at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix, and Red Bull went on to be the crown of the driver and constructor .

It is a shadow of such a fierce top battle, in fact, another battle seems to have been done. The battle took place between Tony Fernandez, owner of Lotus F1 racing, and Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Racing, and Mr. Branson who lost was said to be a flight attendant as a punishment game .

Well, what kind of battle was unfolded? Details are as below.
Richard Branson to serve as 'stewardess' after losing F1 bet | Posted Sports | National Post

Richard Branson to serve as flight attendant |

Three teams, including Virgin Racing, Lotus F1 Racing and HRT (Hispania · Racing / F1 Team), have participated in the 2010 F1 World Championship. Among them, the owner of Virgin Racing is a British businessmanRichard BransonMr. Lotus owner is a Malaysian businessmanTony FernandezMr. and that in common with the two people was "I have an airline." (Mr. BransonVirgin groupChairman, FernandezAir AsiaCEO of the company)

Prior to the start of the season, Mr. Branson and Mr. Fernandez had a bet that "those who ranked lower in the Constructors division would be the" stewardess "of the airline company who became the top.

When the season began, both Virgin and Lotus did not participate in the top competition because they were first racing, and in the end, the 3 new teams, including HRT, became 0 friends. But in terms of ranking, Lotus was higher than Virgin so betting was Fernandez's victory.

As promised, Mr. Branson gave Mr. Branson his uniform of AirAsia which is his airline, Mr. Branson seems to have come home from Abu Dhabi with that uniform.

Mr. Fernandez who puts a badge on Mr. Branson.

Mr. Fernandez said, "Richard must prepare to challenge hard work by wearing high heels," "It must not be done without a customer service, cleaning, and toilet cleaning during flight." Meanwhile, Mr. Branson, a loser, commented, "Because we own 20% of AirAsia, we will be promoting companies that we invest."

It is not clear when Mr. Branson will serve as a flight attendant, but Fernandez said "Attention to the London - Kuala Lumpur routeThat thing.

This is the state of the Lotus team who finished the race. From next year, I would like you to grow into a team that you care about in the middle, even if you do not want to threaten the top.

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