The ocean of the net is too large, Illustration of vast amounts of data such as Twitter and YouTube

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A diagram briefly showing the amount of information being exchanged on the net service that came close at hand in a couple of years was introduced.

How many times are you being tweeted on Twitter every minute? If you tune the total number of Facebook users, it is comparable to the population of the great country, or it is quite a fun way to summarize it, It is supposed to change a bit.

About the amount of information exchanged on Twitter, Facebook, etc. from the following.The Awesome Size Of The Internet (Infographic) | The Roxor | Design blog for resources and inspiration

First of all from the story of the whole Internet. There are 1.9 billion people worldwide using the Internet, 42% of whom live in Asia. Expression of Asian residents is a little Vietnamese chick.

Also, there are 5 million TB of data on the Internet, and it is amazing to say that Google indexes and makes it searchable is 0.004% of the total. Even though everything comes out even if it gets guzzled, is it that the information that is not yet systematized actually sleeps on the net?

In recent years SNS "Facebook" which is starting full-scale in Japan also has 500 million active users and has connection with 130 friends per user, so Facebook's users' rearing is good I understand.

If Facebook was a nation, it will be a major power after China and India, so I'm excited a bit about the size that I'm likely to build a big empire. Also, 150 million people using Facebook from mobile terminals are said to be more frequently updated than people using PCs etc. I feel that this is the case that applies in Japan.

Continued on YouTube, it means that 2 billion videos are played on the day, and videos that are as long as 24 hours per minute are being uploaded. The most well-watched videos areLADY GAGAYaJustin BieberIt seems that it belongs to an English-speaking star such as.

The last is the number of users on Twitter. As counted by account, there are currently 106 million accounts currently. It is said that 55 million tweets a day, 640 tweets per second. And now it seems that the number of users is still growing as approximately 300,000 people are creating new accounts on Twitter now.

Even so, when you learn that this amount of information flies on the Internet everyday, the view of the net service that I felt familiar has changed a bit, and it seems that I am feeling somewhat distant.

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