Worldwide SNS power distribution map

In Japan, mixi boasts overwhelming strength, but what sort of SNS service is strong in all over the world? There was something which maps the power distribution in an easy-to-understand manner.

Grasp of the world situation from the following.
Le Reseaux sociaux: des audiences differentes selon les continents

The forces of various places that can be read from the map are as follows.

■ Asia
First place: Friendstar
Second place: Cyworld
3rd place: Orkut
4th place: Mixi
5th place: MySpace

■ Latin America
First place: Orkut
Second place: Hi5
3rd place: Metroflog
4th place: MySpace
5th: Windows Live Spaces

■ Africa
1st: Facebook
Second place: Hi5
3rd place: Netlog
4th place: Yonja
5th place: Skyblog

■ Europe
1st place: Bebo
Second place: MySpace
3rd place: Skyblog
4th: Facebook
5th: Netlog

■ America
1st place: MySpace
Second place: Facebook
3rd place: Bebo
4th place: GaiaOnline
5th place: Nexopia

In addition, the following is a thing which made an online community a virtual map for each power. It is quite interesting.

Xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe

Since these forces are proportional to the Internet population of each country to a certain extent, various aspects can be seen by comparing it with the number of Internet users by country on the following page.

List of countries by number of Internet users - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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