Five approaches to get foreign languages ​​to read, write and speak in a short period of time

Talking about fluent, reading slurping, understanding all spoken words and manipulating foreign languages ​​brilliantly ... ... It might be a dream that many people dream of, but it is hard to practice for that because it is driven to various things from day to day I am not sure that I was not able to start.

What I will introduce from now is the procedure to become able to read, write and speak foreign languages ​​understood from experience in experiences of people who started learning Spanish after becoming an adult as a result of having moved to Spain is. Especially, I do not use expensive teaching materials or oversaw solution method, but the stance I am relaxingly working on with the power of my shoulders contrasts with foreign languages ​​taught for exams and I feel quite fresh.

By the way, it seems that people who talk about experiences say "It takes at least several years for foreign languages ​​to become fluent", so it seems they seem to feel that it will take at least several years, so it is better than a practice to use fairly good-looking foreign languages It seems to be said that it can be said that it is a handy way to acquire minimum skills.

Approaches to foreign languages ​​with attractive loose stance, talked by experienced students who are continuing their studies in Spanish, are as follows.How to Learn a Language in 90 Days or Less - by Dumb Little Man

1: "see"

Let's start by looking at TV programs, animation, movies etc where foreign languages ​​are used. There may be resistance to how languages ​​that do not know any kind of video fluttering in the background, but I will get used to it for a while. Even if you watch suddenly a program in a foreign language, you probably can not understand anything at first, but if you are in English, "Hi.", "Apple (apple)", "bye. (Goodbye It will come to be able to hear dramatically from simple words such as ".

Initially it is recommended to start watching from animation or children's program. I can learn from the basics of the language, gradually become able to understand its contents, and it will become fun to understand.

2: "Listen"

ByMelvin Gaal (

When you start to look at simple programs such as animation and become able to understand more complicated TV programs (such as "LOST", "Star Trek" or "Friend"), you can go further and make a sound only radio, podcast, or audio You will be able to understand the book as well. I think that you can continue to have fun if you choose what you choose to be interested.

Just because you can not understand everything you hear, do not blame yourself. Everybody does not know the majority of the content heard at the beginning. Let's start by relaxing and concentrate on words you can catch. It tends to try to understand the contents of all but let's stop it for now and try to guess the context from the words that you can hear.

3: "Read"


When you feel like reading something in a foreign language, please read at once readily. It is good to read what you like regardless of the genre such as manga, children's books, and novels.

The important thing is not to start reading correctly, but to enjoy studying words. The teacher of the school may have taught, "Learn grammar first," but forget it for the time being.

It is not fun to watch TV programs as mentioned above for study. As the content is interesting it will be seen. At the same time, it seems that the brain learns foreign languages.

4: "Write"

ByPedrosimoes 7

If you listen to foreign languages, see and read, and experience, you will want to naturally try making a sentence using that foreign language. If you want to improve faster, you do not have to leave it up to your mood and you need to start writing spontaneously.

First of all, we will be able to understand grammar and language structure by accumulating practices of writing sentences in foreign languages ​​by translating it after spelling what you want to write in your mother tongue.

5: "Speak"

Last but not least, is the conversation in a foreign language that I want to be able to a minimum.

When you become able to gradually become able to read, write and listen, it is recommended to go to chat rooms where you can meet native directly. The English conversation classroom is major in Japan, but I also like to see a variety of conversation places such as university clubs, etc. It might be fun to meet new encounters.

But first of all, having the learning of a foreign language fun is a top priority. People who want to talk in a foreign language can go out more and more, as the Internet will allow you to study in any situation, there is nothing to be a fool.

6: Summary

If you want to learn a language in a short period of time, you must immerse yourself in learning foreign languages.

In order to learn quickly, switching over all familiar things to a foreign language is also a good hand. For example, if you switch the language of Gmail, or if you are playing an online game, you may want to set your language as a foreign language. There are infinite ways to study foreign languages ​​in the form of touching nature naturally in life, but what is important is whether you are interested in that content.

Since there is no correct answer to how to study foreign languages, it is easy for you to achieve results if you believe in yourself and leave yourself in the flow and doing it from funny things. It is an important first step to realize that foreign languages ​​can be learned without giving up studying itself from the beginning.

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