How can the brain remember new words in foreign languages?

It seems that the neurologist at the University of Cambridge researched and revealed how to learn a new word in a foreign language by the brain.

For people who "can not remember words in foreign languages", it is a rough guide.

Details are as below.
Can not learn a foreign language? Not true, say scientists - Telegraph

The method is easy, I want to memorize new words "Listen 160 times in less than 15 minutesIt seems to be good.

In this way, by listening to 160 words in less than 15 minutes in this way, by next trying to remember or memorize that word, a neuron network is newly formed in the brain To be done.

It is evident in this study that the formation of a neuron network for this memory occurs more quickly than previously thought.

According to Yury Shtyrov and his team, this experiment was found using 16 healthy volunteers, measuring the electrodes in the brain and found it. Measuring pulses in the brain when listening to the first well-known words, then volunteers are forced to listen repeatedly repeated words, it seems to have understood.

Whether it is certainly English or a second foreign language other than that it is ultimately impossible not to tell you that you do not memorize "words" to some extent, but with this logic it is 15 minutes to hear 160 words per word, 15 Minute is 900 seconds, 900 seconds divided by 160 times is about 5.6 seconds. I hear it once every 5.6 seconds, so I will hear a considerable number of times, you can see it when you actually try, but it is almost brainwashed. It is a level that it is going to go crazy to say it clearly. If you execute this method for every word certainly it is likely that the mind will collapse in a different meaning, so if you have words that you can not remember by all means run it, or you will soon have to remember one by one anyway in the test anyway In that case, it seems to be usable.

Or, that you can memorize one word at a time in 15 minutes is 4 words in one hour. 32 words as 8 hours a day. 960 words in 30 days. In junior high school English, it seems that you can roughly master almost 1,000 words, so if you do your best for one month, you can master the basic vocabulary skills for English at middle school level.

In addition, in the case of English in the center examination, it seems that you can learn 2000 words to 3000 words, so if you run this method for about 3 months or 4 months, it seems that you will be able to reach the passing line somehow from scratch. Since TOEIC ranges from 6000 words to 8000 words, if perfection it is about 10,000 words, so if you spot it for a year, you will almost certainly learn only the word power.

The biggest problem is how to keep patiently like this rude way ... ....

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