Sony cuts "PSP go" by 10,000 yen sharply, starting from October 26 at a new price

The selling price of 'PSP go', which has continued sluggish sales, plummeted since entering OctoberSony announced that it will price down the main price of "PSP go" by 10,000 yen from October 26 though I told you the other day.

Details are as below.
PSP "Playstation Portable" go New price suggested retail price 16,800 yen (tax included) released on October 26, 2010 (Tuesday) | PlayStation Official Site

According to this press release, Sony will revise the price of the main body of "PSP go" and will sell it for 16,800 yen from Tuesday, 26th October. In addition, since the suggested retail price at the time of release was 26,800 yen, it will be a calculation that declined exactly 10,000 yen.

The case where Sony announces the price reduction of the main unit price a day ago is quite uncommon and I can not deny that it is a sudden drop in price, but as the price of the main unit has fallen to the same price as the conventional model "PSP - 3000" Does it spread even a little?

In addition, Sony has expanded its content lineup for PSP go, and as of September 30, 2010, more than 590 titles of game contents including "Game Archives" that can play the first "PlayStation" title in PSP, video The content has more than 1250 titles (4490 episodes) and comic content has more than 2200 episodes.

The new price PSPgo will accelerate the expansion of network business and strongly promote marketing measures and software lineups, and we are expanding the world of computer entertainment unique to PSP.

The official page of PSP go is below.

PSP "Playstation Portable" go | PlayStation Official Site

By the way, it was apparent that the main price dropped rapidly since entering October, because apparently the dealer who anticipated this price cut was taking a price cut battle.

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