6 o'clock is best if a woman is going to give a man

If a woman asks a male partner to do something if it asks you for a housekeeping such as "take me out for a trip" "I want to go to that restaurant" from "the garbage out" or "wash dish" A questionnaire survey revealed that timing is the easiest for time to be OK.

Other than that, married couple at 3 pm is disadvantageous for men, and quite interesting research results are revealed.

Details are as below.Men more likely to grant loved one's wishes at 6pm - Telegraph

Pharmaceutical companyBayer Schering PharmaA questionnaire survey conducted by about 1,000 people, men are most likely to accept women's wishes at 6 pm, married couples quarrel with married couples and men the most disadvantaged time is 3 pm, requiring promotion at work It was clear that it was more advantageous to have a consultation around 1 pm than the first in the morning.

It is about 3 pm that women are the strongest time to quarrel.

In addition, 86% of 1016 respondents are aware that they feel regular ups and downs depending on time zones.

This result seems to suggest that considering the mountains and valleys of the psychological state occurring naturally throughout the day will help to more certainly obtain what people want.

Evie Bentley, a psychotherapist and expert on biorhythm, said, "The brain controls how much hormone is secreted, so that the period of biorhythm is adjusted, so that people regulate the function of the body. The real part of feeling with the body and the head, and feeling in the mind is influenced by biorhythm. "

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