[Dangyo] Father of fractal Benoit Mandelbrot, passed away at the age of 85

From the coastline and cauliflower, the inner wall of the human intestine "Star Wars"Death StarIt is said that "When you enlarge the part of a figure, you can find a shape similar to the whole"fractalConstruction.

Mathematician who is the creator of the concept of fractal, and is also a godfatherBenoit MandelbrotI heard that he died at the age of 85 the other day.

Details are as below.Father of fractals dies at 85 - Science, News - The Independent

Mandelbrot, a Polish-born Jew, educated in France, moved to the United States in 1958 and had dual citizenship in France and the United States. Since 1987Yale UniversityMandelbrot, who taught at mathematics department and was an emeritus professor at the university since 2005, has been actively giving lectures until recently,Pancreatic cancerIn the state of Massachusetts on October 14, 2010CambridgeIt seems he died in the hospice. I was 85 years old at the age of enlightenment.

Mandelbrot announced a highly influential paper "Fractals: Form, Chance and Dimension" in 1977 and "The Fractal Geometry of Nature" in 1982, "It seems random at first sight, The figure that repeats the pattern can be seen "introduced the concept of fractal.

An example of a fractal.

"When you cut one of the tassels of cauliflower, you can see the shape of the whole cauliflower as small," Mandelbrot explains in a lecture that was held earlier this year. "If you further cut it, a small cauliflower will appear even if you cut it or cut it.In the world there are graphics with such unique properties, figures that consist of parts that are as small as the whole shape "

The concept of this fractal is used not only for measuring coastlines and mountains, but also applied in the fields of art and design,Star Trek II Khan's counterattack"Planet's topography and the" Star Wars "space faultDeath StarIt is said that fractals are also used in the design of.

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