Investigate what kind of mechanical properties the geometric pattern has

Disney Research, Disney's research department, researchers at the University of Montreal and Cornell University collaborate on studying to extract the mechanical properties of sheets made of various geometric patterns.

Mechanical Characterization of Structured Sheet Materials - Disney Research

The fact that the mechanical characteristics and aesthetic sense of various patterns are closely linked means that the geometric pattern is "what kind of deformation behaviors" and what kind of flexible characteristics are obtained by numerical equalization The researchers are investigating what kind of connection is between "will it become"?

The research team used the 3D Kirchhoff rod simulation to investigate nonlinear effects occurring in both in-plane deformation and bending deformation.

The following movie explains the contents of the research visually and clearly.

Mechanical Characterization of Structured Sheet Materials - YouTube

Distorted hexagon ......

Three pieces are arranged side by side as one pattern ...

A geometric pattern in which it is arranged like a tile.

When this is made into a sheet of rubber material, it has various mechanical properties, such as being strong in stretching and strong in bending.

Of course if the pattern changes ...

The mechanical properties of the seat also change. Applying a geometric pattern to something like inorganic "fence" that is difficult to put out personality, for example, might make it more robust and more beautiful than it looks. For that reason, research is being conducted on the mechanical properties of geometric patterns.

"Mechanical properties"

First, we will show the mechanical properties of the geometric pattern by numerical values.

The mechanical properties of the pattern are indicated by three values, Young's Modulus , Poisson's Ratio and Bending Stiffness , which are shown by the circular graph at the right end of the following image, respectively.

When the pattern changes, it can be confirmed firmly from the numerical value that the mechanical characteristics change.

"Structure survey"

Each geometric pattern has various mechanical characteristics.

When mapping this, it looks like this. For example, it is possible to display "Structures resistant to bending" in a single shot.

In addition, it is actually done to create sheets with geometric patterns and to extend and bend them.

"Structural optimization"

For the following geometric patterns, the Young's modulus is as indicated by the blue line. It can be optimized by making it along the red dotted line part, and you can check how the geometric pattern changes when Young's modulus is optimized.

The pattern that was made to combine parallelograms transformed into a pattern that was created by combining horizontally elongated hexagons.

Optimized similar shape. It is a point that it is not that it will be the same shape although it is similar.

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