Car No. 1, the most stolen in the US, is Accord, the probability that a car will come back safely keeps record lowest

America'sFederal health officials office (NICB)According to last year, the most stolen car model in the USA was Honda Accord (made in 1994). Honda's Civic (made in 1995) the second place is the second place, Toyota Camry (1991 made) the third place.

The number of automobile theft itself was the largest decrease by 17.1% among the declining width of decades, but at the same time, the probability that the stolen car will come back safely also recorded the lowest ever.

Other details such as car stolen often are from the following.
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According to the 2009 stolen car data released by the Federal Health Crime Bureau, No. 1 of the stolen car is Honda's Accord (made in 1994). Old cars are targeted because they are disassembled and sold as parts, so it seems that insurance is not applied for every part. On the other hand, in the case of a new car, there are many cases where it is sold to foreign countries and resold.

According to FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation Bureau) data, the number of car theft has decreased for six consecutive years, 794,616 vehicles in 2009, compared to 956,846 in 2008. Joe Wehrle, president and CEO of NICB, said, "This year there are 90,755 units stolen by August, they have not come back."

In NICB measures for theft, "When you leave the car lock the door, pull out the key" "Attach the theft warning device"Immobilizer(Electronic key verification system) "and" attaching a tracking device "are cited.

The stolen car ranking in 2009 seems to have been like this, and it seems that almost the same model is included every year in the ranking.

No. 1: Honda Accord (made in 1994)


No. 2: Honda Civic (made in 1995)

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No. 3: Toyota Camry (Made in 1991)

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No. 4: Ford F-150 pickup truck (made in 1997)


No. 5: Dodge Lamb pickup truck (made in 2004)

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No. 6: Dodge caravan (made in 2000)


No. 7: Chevrolet Pickup Truck (Made in 1994)

# 8: Acura Integra (Made in 1994)


No. 9: Ford Explorer (made in 2002)

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No. 10: Toyota Corolla (Made in 2009)

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