Those people who want to lose "not wanting to go around despite wanting to do", five advice to become themselves who have become chitin


"If you think you have to clean up the room, it's 4 months or so" or "I was busy thinking that I should see e-mails, urgent projects were flying" In the everyday life there are scenes where "I do not want to do it" is like a mountain and it is difficult to do all things quite easily.

I can understand the feeling of self hate against myself, but I want to go forward a bit at a time, rather than being depressed. We will introduce five advice for decreasing little by little "I do not want to do it" although I want to do it.

The contents of the advice are as follows.How to Build Self-Discipline - by Dumb Little Man

1: Stop blaming yourself

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I am irritated about "There is no hand to turn despite wanting to do" but it is not very productive to get angry with every occurrence. Rather, it is crucial to verify where you got it wrong.

"Have you tried not to fix it though it was a problem that could be solved?" "Were you planning a clear execution plan?" "Have you not been affected by surrounding people?" "Was unexpected things happened?" By asking yourself such as "?", You may find a pattern when you fail. In many cases, whether it is work or cleaning of the room, it is a spectacular and strong will, if you return the back, you are going to have a reckless thing not thinking about realization.

If you give an example of "I care about a healthy diet", I will be careful about the contents of meals when I feel well, but when I feel stress I feel like eating chocolate There may be also. It is easier to think about how to deal with it before it falls into a state of stress again than to use energy to survive a situation where it is inconvenient for you, in this case you feel stressed enough to eat chocolate is.

2: Focus on the target


Even if you want to become yourself with a chitin, it is difficult if the plan of how to change is not clear. For example, even one goal to care about meals makes me feel like to say "I do not eat any junk food at all", and I think that it is quite meaningful to think that "I will not stop by McDonald's on my way home from work today" Varies. It is not an exaggeration to say that more than half of the battle with yourself will be decided at the moment you start.

If what you need to do is clear, let's decide firmly what you will spend the next ten minutes. Once you decide what to do, you can achieve your goal with the shortest distance without unnecessary attention to other things.

3: Find convenient tools


Although I tend to think that it is necessary to have a strong will in order to become a human who has done chitin by doing "I do not want to do it despite wanting to do it," but it is not going well well if you leave it alone. Let's use tools that will help you get the plan on track.

For example, if you are on a diet, you may be able to sustain your motivation by attaching a diet diary. Also, if you want to reduce the frequency of email checking, try setting up the email software a little more troublesome, or try increasing the process with regard to net connection.

4: Track your actions

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If you can realize that you are grown and growing little by little, you can continue to work toward your goal. Write a short note diary that you wrote down what you thought as "Do it!" On a day and day when you achieved the goal of "Walking 20 minutes each day" if you put a circle on the calendar, etc. easily You can keep track of your actions.

5: borrow the power of the people around us

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Even if you want to be a chitin and a human being, human beings are living in society, so they are easily affected by others, so realization is impossible for only one person. For example, even if you take one dessert after meal, even if you think that you do not need it separately, some people will ask you if you go together.

Surrounded by people who have been chitin and challenged, achieving the goal will be more realistic by supporting them. First of all, it is important to tell the surroundings what you want to accomplish. By saying "I want to do this" around, it is a pressure that is responsible for the execution of responsibility, and there may be times when cooperation from surrounding people is obtained.

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