Shopping is as exciting as pornography

Shopping addictionIt is known that people can get rid of stress and get pleasure by shopping as there are mental disorders such as "sale" "70% OFF" in the shop and " When you buy it, this extra comes with it "and encounters a sales promotion campaign, consumers seem to show a similar reaction to sexually excited when seeing porn.

Experiments in the UK have made it clear what kind of promotional campaign excites more consumers.

Details are as below.Shopping is 'like watching porn' - Telegraph

University of WestminsterScientists measured the reactions of people who encountered various products and promotional campaigns by recording the eye movement of 50 subjects and evaluating the emotional response in 10 levels. A score of 10 in this 10-stage evaluation is rarely seen seriousTraumatic injuryIt is a dangerous excitement at the level, but the response of the score 5 to 7 is about the same as the excitement when seeing pornography and the like.

as a result,MammitePopular character of child literature with campaign ofHorrid HenryofAudio bookWas presented to the purchaser as a bonus resulted in excitement of the score of up to 5.8 subjects,Cravendale Milk(Milk brand) discount coupons,Kingsmill Bread(Bread)Wallace and GromitIt is said that the campaign that extra comes with excitement especially consumers.

It is easy to imagine that children who came to shopping with parents watched a bonus character and get excited as "buy and buy!", But mothers and fathers holding purse strings are also happy with children Would not it be somewhat surprising to get excited when you see the extra?

Institute of Promotional Marketing(UK sales promotion industry and marketing industry group) that this research is still ongoing, but industry magazineThe GrocerIt is suggested that the promotion activities that made consumers the most excited by the process announced in the marketing promotion activities that were the most commercially successful (leading to selling a large number of products).

Colin Harper of Institute of Promotional Marketing says, "Although it may be too early to declare, the course of the study shows that there is a correlation between high emotional response and improved sales." .

However, even though we can excite consumers with promotion at that time, we can purchase goods at that time, but in many cases it is difficult to continue to purchase products even after the promotion is over, It seems that we are aiming to explore further the trend of consumers after the end of the activity.

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