In some ways designs that seem to be able to sleep well Mofomuff pillow

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Each person has a feeling for pillows that there are people who can not sleep if they have different pillows, but if you can sleep anyway you want to sleep comfortably. There are various pillows to satisfy the desire to sleep, and among them there are various pillows of unusual design that have a particularly strange design but also have practicality.

Details are as below.
Another 6 Coolest Pillow Designs

Another 10 Coolest Pillow Designs

Splendid long pillow "The Total Body Support Pillow"

Ued pillowThe Arm Sleeper's Pillow"

Work intoxication pillow disguised as a dictionary "Workaholic Pillow"(In Japan, it will come out when you search by" work poisoned nap pillow "etc.)

Pillow with motif of dinosaur bone "Living with dinosaurs"

Blanket which connected pillowPillow Blanket"

Pillow clothes that can sleep at any time "Pillows for working late"

Log pillow "MakeYour Own Birch Log Kit"

Condom type pillowHand silkscreened giant condom pillow with giant fabric condom"

Wii remote control type pillowWii-mote Plushie"

Tetris pillowPlush Tetris Pieces"

A glowing pillow that can hold you tightlyD ° light Huggable"

Laptop computer case type pillowThe napBook"

RSS icon pillowRSS Icon Pillow"Social network icon Pillow

Floppy disk pillowMini Floppy Disc Pillow"

Girl friend pillowGirlfriend Pillow"

A pillow that can also sound by interlocking with iPod "IBoobs iPod Speakers"(The side without the speaker isBreast typeIt has become)

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