Ultra-huge condom troubling with usage

In the condomVarious sizesAre prepared,Condoms for dogsAlthough there was a schedule to be sold, there seems to be a huge condom so as to embarrass the world how to use it. Pictures that seems to be used are posted on the selling site, but I do not know if it is really a correct usage method.

Details are from the following.
This is a super gigantic condom.

The bag part of this condom is a pillow, and the giant condom inside seems to be made of stretchy fiber. Actually it is something that you can sell as a pillow with just the part of the bag, but it is thought that you put a huge condom inside as a story. Although it seems impossible to actually use it as a condom, it may be available as a bag containing something.

When opening the fastener in the pillow part, a huge condom comes out.

After taking out the huge condom inside it is like this.

It seems that there is no problem even if you put a real condom.

Is this the correct way to use a huge condom ... ...?

This giant condom pillow is sold for $ 80 (about 7900 yen) at the following site.
Handmade Needlecraft on Etsy - Hand silkscreened giant condom pillow with giant fabric condom by LittleElk

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