The final weapon that realizes PS2 compatibility with the new PS 3 or details of "compatible adapter" revealed

Since the introduction of the new PS 3 in which the compatibility function with the conventional PS 2 software was deleted in November 2007,We are looking for engineers to develop emulators for PS and PS2 etc at PS3AndAcquire patent to operate PS2 software with PS3Although attention is gathered to Sony's trends such as, etc., the compatibility function has not been realized yet, but in a sense it seems to be the most realistic option "Compatible adapterThe details of "It became clear.

Details are as below.
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According to "patent disclosure 2010-188008" published in the electronic digital library, Sony Computer Entertainment announced on February 19, 2009 "Compatible adapter device and compatible processing methodHe seems to have filed a patent for "

This compatible adapter solves the problem that the processing capability of the processor may be insufficient when emulating the software of the old generation game machine with the new generation game machine and it is compatible with the processing function of the old generation game machine It has a built-in processor.

Outline of compatible adapter. It carries a DVD decoder, and suggests that the old generation game machine to be targeted is one with built-in DVD drive.

Where a compatible adapter and a new generation game machine are connected by external connection terminals. When the game software for the old generation game machine is loaded in the new generation game machine, by adopting the mechanism that the various data are processed by the compatible adapter and output to the new generation game machine, It realizes backward compatibility.

Configuration diagram of compatible adapter. Main processor and graphic processor are built in.

Flow chart of compatible processing. By the way, the old generation game machine seems to be a model adopting a memory card, but in the case of Sony, there is only PS 2 in the model which adopted the memory card with built-in DVD drive.

Compatibility processing procedure. The processed data is encrypted, IP packetized and sent to the new generation game machine.

The transfer of data to the new generation game machine is performed by converting it to a signal conforming to the standard of the external connection terminal and eliminating the difference in frame rate due to the difference in processing speed between the old generation game machine and the new generation game machine We also have features to do.

That is, to explain in a clear way,"Compatible adapter" is compatible with processing function of PS2 (old generation game machine), it corresponds to connection with PS3 (new generation game machine) USB and LAN cable. And since the PS2 software data read by PS3 is processed by compatible adapter, PS2 software can be played on PS3 as a resultIt seems that ... ....

Built-in compatibility with PS 2 in PS 3 increases manufacturing cost, so it is thought that only one user wanting compatibility function buys a separate adapter, but it seems to be one of the hands, Is it there to be seen the eyes of the sun?

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