The 48th Amusement Machine Show Open, All Articles Summary

Makuhari Messe transforms into a huge game center "The 48th Amusement Machine Show"Will begin. Today, tomorrow is the merchant invitation day, the public release date is September 11, 2010 (Saturday).

Many amusement machines such as video game machines, simulation machines, hands-on game machines, prize machines, photo seal machines, and medal game machines that are often seen at game centers etc. are to be exhibited.

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VersusBecomes the first appearance after being adjusted to the state at the time of actual operation and becomes a new work of trading arcade card game"Sengoku Battle - 1560 Owari's Fugell" -Various new works are being introduced, such as. As soon as the article is completed, it will be updated and added.

The 48th amusement machine show opening, the whole article list is summarized from the following.The 48th Amusement Machine Show

◆ Sep 09, 2010 11:48 minutes 27 seconds
"Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus" exhibited at playable adjustment at the time of operation adjustment

◆ Sep 09, 2010 12:10:49
Touch the card to manipulate the army "Sengoku Battle War -1560 Owari no Funa Ko -" Movie Movie

◆ September 09, 2010 13: 00: 05 seconds
Pacman's new work celebrating its 30th birthday is "PAC-MAN BATTLEROYALE (Pac-Man Battle Royale)"

◆ Sep 09, 2010 14:23:36
Legend Resurrection, "Darius Burst Another Chronicle" Trial Movie

◆ September 09, 2010, 19: 10: 09 seconds
"Border break air burst Ver. 2.0" trial movie whose street name is perfect for his own combat style

◆ Sep 09, 2010 21:00:18
Kira Melon Bear here in Yubari who boasts ridiculous kimo cute appeared in the prize

◆ September 09, 2010, 23: 06: 49 seconds
Attractive full companions in 48 th Amusement Machine Show

◆ September 10, 2010 12:26:13
Can overturn the Shabu-bai at the funeral "Ultra-Shabu-babe Return! Part 2" Movie Movie

◆ September 10th, 2010 at 15:38:38
Movie shooting at evolved sound shoe "Music Ganggan! 2"

◆ September 10, 2010 17:18:30
Popular bot 'Tweet you' on Twitter is majestic 'prize'

September 10, 2010, 19: 29: 04 seconds
Kitty 's various prizes drawn by famous creators such as "Hello Kitty Is It! Umaibodo"

September 10, 2010 23:10:29
Sega's Arcade RPG latest work "Shining Force Cross Raid" Trial Movie

Sep 10, 2010 23: 20: 40 seconds
"Nekomineko" who are overlapping, gathering tightly and fluffy

September 16, 2010 03: 26: 56 seconds
All kinds of prize fittings found at the prize fair

◆ The situation of the venue

Arrived at the venue.

An opening ceremony was held in front of the red and white curtain.

Companions are also a crowd.

The middle ceremony where various people watch is over, the 48th amusement machine show began.

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