The 46th amusement machine show opening, all articles summary

Makuhari Messe transforms into a huge game center "The 46th Amusement Machine ShowThe general public release date will be held from 18th to 20th September 2008.

Many amusement machines such as video game machines, simulation machines, hands-on game machines, prize machines, photo seal machines, and medal game machines that are common in game centers and amusement facilities are to be exhibited.

As an exhibition schedule title, there are "Tekken 6 BLOODLINE REBELLION (Tentative)", "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XII", "Tatsunoko VS. CAPCOM CROSS GENERATION OF HEROES", "Otome Crisis AM Show Version", etc. Once these articles are completed, It is planned to add.

The 46th Amusement Machine Show Opening, the list of all the articles is summarized from the following.
· Conclusion
■ September 18, 2008 11: 13: 00 seconds
"Tekken 6 BLOODLINE REBELLION (tentative name)", information released at the 46th AM show is like this

■ September 18, 2008 11:49:00
Capcom's biggest game "Tatsunoko VS. CAPCOM CROSS GENERATION OF HEROES", yet unseen heroes will be added further

■ September 18, 2008 12: 07 minutes 00 seconds
The first playable exhibition "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XII" looks something like this and the cosplay as well

■ September 18, 2008 13:49:00
"Tekken 6 BLOODLINE REBELLION (tentative name)" High resolution PV & play movie

■ September 18, 2008 15:16:00
"THE KING OF FIGHTERS XII" first playable high definition movie released for the first time

■ September 18, 2008 15:56:00
There are lots of women's fighting games "Awesome! Arcana Heart 2" Exam Booth, cosplay people and distribution goods

■ September 18, 2008 16: 42: 00 second
"Tatsunoko VS. CAPCOM CROSS GENERATION OF HEROES" 's fat bad high resolution PV & playable movie

■ September 18, 2008 16: 59: 00 second
That "honey glue" used as a child became a prize and entered the game center

■ September 18, 2008 19:44 minutes 00 seconds
Two new characters have been added and power up "Arcana Heart 2 - Transfer Student Akane and Nazuna ~ Play Movie"

■ September 18, 2008 23:20 minutes 00 seconds
Movie exhibited at the 46th AM Show Movie of VS Demon Fighting Game "Demon Bride" Movie

■ September 18, 2008 23: 26: 00 second
Pretty little girl action game entered arcade "Otome Crysis" play movie

■ September 18, 2008 23:27:00
Sucra finally emerges as its own shooter "Death Smiles Mega Black Label" High-quality movie release

■ September 18, 2008 23: 46: 00 second
"Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT" High Definition Playable Movie & PV

■ September 18, 2008 23: 52: 00 seconds
Arcade Battle Action Shooting "Round of Rotary Dis-United Order (DUO)" High-Quality Playable Movie 2

■ September 18, 2008 23: 55: 00 seconds
Zombie couple love big and desert a lot "Love to be loved - Shitai - THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD EX -" 3 high-definition playable movies

■ September 19, 2008 00:11, 00:00
High resolution PV & play movie of fighting game "Bray Blue" gifted by "GUILTY GEAR" series staff

■ September 19, 2008 00:22, 00:00
Which new product was the biggest expectation on the 46 th Amusement Machine Show 1 day?


This is the opening ceremony

The receptionist is like this

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