Fresh and stylish room lamp made of plastic spoon

At first glance it was introduced that the lamps that are likely to be sold at fancy interior shops are made from materials such as plastic spoons and plastic bottles that are sold at convenience stores.

Contrary to the cheapness of the material, it looks pretty good, but is heat resistant something okay?

Details are as below.Ru_designer: Мастер - класс: Дизайнерская лампа за два доллара.

Materials include plastic bottles, large plastic spoons, cutters, pliers, glue guns. It is a content that reminds me somehow the time of drawing work.

First of all, it separates the tip of the plastic spoon from the tip.

Next, cut out the bottom part of the plastic bottle.

Attach the tip of the spoon that you just separated to the side of the PET bottle with a sticky piece.

Apart from that, I will combine only the tip of the spoon to make a loop.

It was a part to be attached to the mouth part of a plastic bottle. It hides the part where the part of the bottle of border is exposed by this.

It is completed. I feel like I've seen this kind of lamp indeed, interior shop etc. Although I have been watching how to make it, I am surprised that the decoration on the surface is made of a plastic spoon nearby.

When I turn on the light, it looks like this. It is a fashionable atmosphere, but I'm a bit worried whether PET bottles and spoons would be distorted due to the heat of the bulb ......

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