"Cup noodle rice" resumed from September 27, seafood taste still on sale

"Cup noodle rice" which had been suspended for sale in just 4 days from the sale so muchIt is revealed that it will resume sales in the Kinki District from Monday, September 27.

However, as for the "cup noodle rice seafood", a comment "I will stop selling for a while" has been issued, so it is likely that we can eat and compare the two kinds a little earlier.

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According to the press release of Nissin Foods, for the "Cup noodle rice" and "Cup noodle rice seafood" which had previously been released in the Kinki area on August 16 (Monday), the sales volume originally planned was drastically It seems that sales have been paused temporarily from Friday, August 20, due to the rush of orders exceeding the order.

"Cup noodle rice" was scheduled to be on sale from Monday, September 27, as the supply system is in sight. However, "Cup noodle rice dinner seafood" seems to be "not selling for a while", so the marketing restraint seems not to be established.

While we are happy to resume sales, "Cup noodle rice seafood" was a dish that reproduced the taste of seafood noodles well, so regrettable that we can not eat two kinds. As for the "cup noodle rice" to resume sales, it is said that it is limited sale in the Kinki area, so we are hoping that it will be supplied nationwide quickly and that both types will be supplied stably.

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