Beautiful photos of fireflies floating in the forest with slow shutter

fire FlyIn other words, there are many people who think that it is a summer tradition of Japan, but in Germany, "St. John's Night" (Holy name of John the Baptist HolidaysEve of the night)summer solsticeIt is also called "St. John's Bug" in order to start flying around the night of the night, which seems to be a little special insect as a summer scenic feature.

The core business introduces a fantastic picture of a firefly that flies through the forest in the outskirts of Nuremberg, taken by a German amateur photographer, Kristian Cvecek, a physicist.

Details are as below.If you glow down to the woods today ... the moment fireflies turn woods into an enchanted forest | Mail Online

Photo,ErlangenMr. Kristian Cvecek (31 years old) resident physicist photographed near my house. In Germany, depending on the climate, fireflies will start to fly around the summer solstice but they will be seen for about 3 to 4 weeks. Fireflies will come out around 9 to 10 every evening, but "Since we can not go out to the forest every night, the number of days we can shoot is limited, so patience was necessary to take the way we wanted." "Cvecek says.

Firefly light is "cold light" which does not contain infrared rays or ultraviolet rays, and the chemically produced light has different colors, such as yellow, green, and light red.

Like a firefly, a phenomenon in which a creature generates and radiates light is called "BioluminescenceI call it. Larvae emit light as a warning color warning that predators "can not eat", adults are thought to emit light to attract mating parties, but among fireflies said to be about 2000 species are totally If there are species that do not emit light, there are also fireflies that mimic the light of the female of other species and emit light, lure the male of that kind and feed it.

The sight that seems to come out in SF movie is "AvatarIt may not feel uncomfortable even if it is told that it is an undisclosed scene.

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