If you left your car on a cold night, a bizarre ice pattern on the car body

I had a car outside the house in Oxfordshire, a bizarre ice pattern was built on the hood and the window. Stuart Dent of the owner of the car said that "I saw something on the roof of the car late at night and when I went outside to see it, I found an outrageous pattern emerged." .

Details are as below.Fantastic Mr Frost How an icy night turned a car bonnet into a work of art the Daily Mail

A pattern is also made on the window glass.

Patterns like branches involving complexity.

It seems that it can not be thought that it was very natural, but this is not a thing that human beings drew using plants, but condensed water vapor in the air formed crystals of ice on the surface of a cold car. The pattern seems to change depending on the dust and the unevenness of the place where condensation occurs.

When the sun comes out in the morning, the pattern disappears.

There is no initial shadow. It is a short-lived art created by nature.

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