Spiders capture bigger birds than theirs

Speaking of spiders, there are images to catch other insects and eat, but it seems that spiders capturing larger birds than you were taken. If it has the size and power as big as a bird, it seems that it will pierce as much as a spider's nest, but like a bug it seems that the thread has become completely entangled and it can no longer move.

When looking at the picture, it seems that the law of the natural world of the weak coast is reversed and it is shocking.

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Giant spider eating a bird caught on camera - Telegraph

The spider was discovered to capture birds was the city called Atherton in Australia. It seems that it was found in the garden of a general private house.

According to Joel Shakespeare, the spider who captured the bird this time is Golden Orb Weaver (scientific nameNephila edulis) It is said that it is. It seems to capture bigger insects than usual, but it seems to be abnormal to capture birds. Captured birdsFinchIt was inferred that the birds jumped into the spider web by mistake and that the threads could become entangled and could not move.

Pictures of birds being captured.

The thread is completely entangled and it can not move.

According to Mr. Greck of the Queensland Museum, it is said that spiders will not attack from spiders until birds weaken. As Golden Orb Weaver makes nests to catch big insects, the strength of the thread seems to be very strong.

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