Toshiba will release the world's first naked eye 3D compatible television, 3D glasses unnecessary

It became clear that Toshiba is the policy to launch the world's first television compatible with "naked eye 3D" that can enjoy stereoscopic images without 3D glasses.

In the 3D TV released so far, it was necessary to purchase 3D glasses for the number of people watching at the same time, and users who normally wear eyeglasses need to wear 3D glasses on glasses, such as compliments Although it was not easy to say that it is convenient for you, it seems that you can expect that the hurdles of purchase will go down as 3D glasses become unnecessary.

Details are as below.
No glasses required! To release 3D TV seen with the naked eye: Economic news: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun news report, Toshiba has said it has announced a policy to release the world's first stereoscopic image on the unexpected TV within the year. Toshiba is planning to launch three models mainly in the 21-inch model, and is preparing for the end-of-year sales battle now, and the price is expected to be hundreds of thousands of yen.

The conventional 3D television adopts the "frame sequential method" which reproduces stereoscopic images in the viewer's brain by continuously displaying the two images for the left eye and the right eye at high speed, The naked eye 3D compatible television that Toshiba is planning to release will be able to reproduce stereoscopic images in the brain without exclusive eyeglasses by giving out a large number of lights with different angles "Integral Imaging Method" Adoption.

The naked eye 3D display adopting the "integral imaging method" has been developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications by the 2009 supplementary budget "Research and development of 3-D video technology that does not require spectacles (next generation, ultimate 3D imaging technology) In "Toshiba's research and development center and Toshiba mobile display are developing a 12-inch 21-inch model in April this year.

This is a naked eye 3D display adopting the integral imaging method. Even when used for a long time, eye fatigue level is remarkably low, images seen according to viewer's movement of the viewer change, "3D motion parallax" which was not found in conventional 3D glasses is held, and high definition Is realized.

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